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Society/business Center for Information Technology Organization

About the Center for Information Technology...


The Center for Information Technology (CIT) is the university center for information technology. We provide high quality IT services, primarily to the University of Groningen and secondarily to educational institutions in the north of the country.

To achieve our objective, the Center for Information Technology has many facilities at its disposal. They include:
  • two fysically separeted computerrooms with centrally located computers with end-user equipment, different workstations and several backup and no-break facilities
  • three well-equipped teaching and practical rooms with modern PCs and flatscreens  
  • a service desk with several local counters    
  • high-performance and virtual reality facilities
  • a modern, fully equipped building: Smitsborg.

The service package contains the following components:

  • provision of centrally located computers for scientific and educational objectives
  • first- and second-line supportfor problems when using the computers and applications or computer software
  • cheap or free provision of many software packages thanks to a campus licence for the whole university community
  • development and distribution of information and documentation material in the field of computers and computer software
  • management and development of the university computer network (RUGnet) and internet connection
  • observation, study and catering to new IT developments
  • development and provision of courses for computer systems and languages and several software packages.

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