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Data Science

The Center for Information and Technology has expertise in the field of data at the University of Groningen. Our Data Science team helps researchers gain and analyse data and develop tools for data science. Each year researchers can request up to 450 hours of support from one or more of our data scientists through a Call for Proposals. Help is also offered when writing a proposal.

Discovering hidden patterns

Data science is about discovering hidden patterns in data. Whereas IT infrastructure and applications make it possible to collect large quantities of data, it is the data scientist who can convert this into valuable information. We use a combination of skills applied to the fields of statistics, artificial intelligence, computer science and more.

New academic insights

Our goal is to gain relevant information from large quantities of data, which will lead to new academic insights. We do this with the aid of machine-learning algorithms, in which use can be made of deep learning, regression analyses, support vector machines, principal component analysis, decision trees, Naive Bayes and so on. We also use techniques in the field of data mining, natural language processing, computer vision, text analysis and more.

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