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Technische Bedrijfskunde


Once you have completed the three-year Bachelor's programme and have your degree, you may continue with the Master's degree programme to study your field in greater depth. A Bachelor's degree in IEM qualifies you for the Master's degree programme in IEM at Groningen, or the equivalent at another university. A graduate in industrial engineering and management is at home in organizations that focus on innovation.

A Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management will open many doors to you in many different companies and organizations, from multinationals to consultancy firms, in the Netherlands and further afield.

Your technical know-how and your management insights will prepare you for jobs where technology and management meet. You will feel at home in companies and organizations interested in innovation, searching for new opportunities by integrating technologies.

Product manager and process technologist are jobs often offered to our graduates. You could also work in a hospital, investigating how to use research equipment better. Some graduates end up in the service sector or working for the government. Virtually all of our graduates find jobs immediately after graduating.

Examples include manufacturing (from cars to razors), as well as the chemical and pharmaceutical industries where you could end up as a process technologist, for example for Shell or DSM. Because of your business training, you can quickly find work in management positions. One interesting field is our future energy supply. Think of companies developing and improving solar panels, or generating electricity from biomass. You don’t have to stand in a lab yourself as long as you are able to translate the results of research into useful information for the rest of the company.

Met Technische bedrijfskunde/Industrial Engineering and Management kun je, na je master, bij veel bedrijven en organisaties terecht. Van multinational tot adviesbureau, in Nederland en in het buitenland. Met je technische knowhow en je bedrijfskundige inzichten kom je vrijwel altijd terecht in beroepen op het snijvlak van management en techniek. Je voelt je thuis in bedrijven en organisaties die inzetten op innovatie, op zoek naar nieuwe mogelijkheden door technieken te integreren.

Productmanager en procestechnoloog zijn beroepen waarvoor onze afgestudeerden vaak gevraagd worden. Maar je kunt ook gaan werken in een ziekenhuis, waar je onderzoekt hoe onderzoeksapparatuur beter ingezet kan worden. Sommige studenten komen terecht in de dienstensector en bij de overheid. Feit is dat vrijwel alle afgestudeerden direct na hun afstuderen een baan vinden.

Voorbeelden zijn de maakindustrie (van autofabricage tot scheerapparaten), maar ook chemische en farmaceutische industrieën zijn bedrijfstakken waar je goed terecht kunt als procestechnoloog, bijvoorbeeld bij Shell of DSM. Omdat je bedrijfskundig onderlegd bent, kun je sneller in een managementfunctie aan het werk gaan. Een interessant vakgebied is de toekomstige energievoorziening. Denk aan bedrijven die zonnepanelen ontwikkelen en verbeteren, of energie opwekken uit biomassa. Je staat dan niet zozeer zelf in het lab, maar weet goed de vertaalslag te maken tussen onderzoekers en de rest van het bedrijf.

Potentiële beroepen

  • Manager
  • Consultant
  • Industrieel-proces expert
  • Functies in de farmaceutische industrie
  • Testimonial van Warun Bhola

    Perfect balance between basic business administration and technical detail

    After my graduation I started as a consultant at the Strategy & Operations practice of Deloitte Consulting. I focus on large scale transformations like designing and implementing new operating models, large scale cost reductions and mergers and acquisitions.

    Currently I’m working on a M&A project where I work in the team that designs the global to-be organization structure of two merging international clients in Consumer Business. My role typically includes facilitating client sessions, doing data analysis and making client documentation. 

    During my years in Groningen I became a  broad allround engineer with a strong analytical background. The combination of analytical and numerical skills and knowledge of business administration is crucial for a good consultant in my opinion. IEM Groningen offered me the perfect balance between basic business administration and technical detail.  

    The study also allowed me to learn about my own strengths and interests. I think it’s important to do the things that you are passionate about and  IEM will provide you with the right toolset to pursue any type of career after your graduation

    – Warun Bhola
  • Opleidingsvideo

    Ocean grazer rules the waves

    Wout Prins is the inspiration for the ocean grazer, a new system for harvesting energy from waves. As yet, it can only be studied in a small experimental model. However, once it is implemented full scale, it will be a huge structure set in the ocean, measuring 400 meters across and 230 metres high. Such an installation should be able to provide enough electricity for 80,000 homes.

    – Opleidingsvideo
  • Opleidingsvideo

    Ryanne van Kampen, student Industrial Engineering & Management

    – Opleidingsvideo
  • Testimonial van

    Study and board experience in an enthusiastic environment

    'What I like most about IEM is the combination of engineering and management. This makes for a very varied programme, so it's good preparation for the varied labour market! The people at IEM are very enthusiastic and the students and lecturers enjoy working together.

    The same enthusiasm can be felt at Lugus, our study association, which I chaired last year. Lugus organizes all kinds of activities for its members, from discounted books to company visits and trips abroad. You can get as involved as you want; some students drop in occasionally for a coffee, others join every get-together and excursion. I learned a lot during my year of board work. It’s demanding and you need to structure the work effectively. But it’s very rewarding to be part of a large group working to make the study association a success! I also play water polo and I travel abroad regularly as part of ESTIEM, the international partnership of IEM programmes. I get to attend guest lectures at partner universities and also see some of the cities. After exams I’m going to Budapest for five days!’

  • Testimonial van

    Studying IEM in Groningen

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