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Econometrie en Operationele Research

Linking education to research and career preparation

Our education is strongly rooted in business practice and society. from the start of your degree programme attention is paid to academic research and preprofessional development, asan analytical and critical mind and problem-solving capabilities are important qualities in any career our students aspire.

In collaboration with external partners we conduct research projects on e.g banking, local government, customer insights, leadership, energy, healthy ageing and lean operations.

  • Opleidingsvideo

    Shady El-Gewily, Student of Econometrics & Operations Research

    – Opleidingsvideo
  • Testimonial van

    Building models from data sets to make predictions

    'I knew Econometrics and Operations Research was the right study programme from day one. It challenged me immediately. The way you deal with economics and mathematics is different from high school. You have to work hard to keep up. If you do so, it is a very interesting programme. In the course Operations Research we worked on cases regarding the transportation sector. We built models from data sets to make predictions for the future. It involved a lot of programming, which I found interesting.'

  • Testimonial van Tryntsje Hoving-Wesselius

    "At work we use models that I learned about in Groningen"

    'Finding a job was quite easy, I got one before I even graduated. As a student I worked part-time at MIcompany, a specialised commercial analytics agency which combines econometrics and marketing. After a while they offered me a fulltime contract. It's interesting to think about what people need and how that translates into customer behavior. Then I can create a win-win situation for our client. At work we use models that I learned about in Groningen, so my degree actually comes in handy.'

    – Tryntsje Hoving-Wesselius
  • Testimonial van Jing Chen

    'Good way to develop your logical thinking abilities'

    'After deciding I wanted to study in the Netherlands I looked at several universities that offer econometrics. Groningen appealed to me because the university is a very central aspect of city life. I'm happy with my decision to study here. I've enjoyed the classes so far. My favourite is mathematics. It's really challenging and a good way to develop your logical thinking ability. And I'm glad I have classes in economics too. Econometrics and Operations Research combines the best of both worlds.'

    – Jing Chen
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