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A commercial function, doing research or optimize factories: when you have finished this programme many options are open to you. Graduates usually have no problem finding a job, whether that is in the Netherlands or abroad.

After the Bachelor's programme you can move on to one of the Master's programmes in Chemistry, Biomolecular Sciences or Environmental Sciences, or the Top Master's degree programme in Nanoscience.

Excellent career opportunities

Look for an international commercial position, become an inspector, or do research – there are many paths open to you with a degree in Chemistry! Most students find a job soon after graduating, in a wide range of occupations.

Business and research

If you want to work as a researcher, you can do this at a university, but also in industry. For example, you could work in medical and biochemical research, and there are plenty of opportunities in the food and the synthetics industries. In general, graduates progress to a management position after a couple of years.

Manager, adviser, inspector or…

If you're not interested in a research career, you could work as a manger or adviser in the business world at a multinational or at a non-governmental organization. Some graduates also work as inspectors.

Een commerciële functie, onderzoek doen of fabrieken optimaliseren: na deze opleiding kun je veel kanten op! Afgestudeerden vinden na deze opleiding meestal snel een baan, vaak ook in het buitenland. Waar ze terechtkomen verschilt enorm en hangt ook af van de keuze voor Scheikunde of Scheikundige technologie. Studeer je af in Scheikunde, dan kun je als onderzoeker aan het werk.

Dit kan op een R&D-afdeling in de chemische, biotechnologische of farmaceutische industrie zijn maar ook op een universiteit. Je bent dan bijvoorbeeld betrokken bij geneeskundig en biochemisch onderzoek, maar ook in de levensmiddelen- of kunststofindustrie zijn volop mogelijkheden.

Over het algemeen stroom je na een aantal jaren onderzoek doen door naar managementfuncties. Een aantal afgestudeerden kiest bewust voor een carrière in het buitenland of bij een multinational.

Afgestudeerde scheikundigen en technische scheikundigen van de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen werken onder andere bij Akzo Nobel, Shell, University of Cambridge, Belastingdienst, Syncom, Bioclear, TU Eindhoven.

Uiteraard kun je ook kiezen voor communicatie en onderwijs. Na de bachelor kun je de master Educatie & Communicatie in de Bètawetenschappen volgen. Hierna ben je eerstegraads docent en kun je lesgeven op iedere middelbare school, op elk niveau.

Potentiële beroepen

  • Onderzoeker op R&D-afdeling bedrijf/industrie
  • Onderzoeker aan universiteit of onderzoeksinstituut
  • Managementfuncties
  • Commerciele functies
  • Leraar in het voortgezet onderwijs of op een hogeschool
  • Opleidingsvideo

    Building a Nanovehicle

    – Opleidingsvideo
  • Opleidingsvideo

    'High-quality education'

    Have you always dreamed of doing a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry at a top-100 University?

    – Opleidingsvideo
  • Testimonial van Joni Gallagher

    Moving abroad gave me the chance to experience a new culture and meet so many people from all over the world

    “I moved here from Belfast, Northern Ireland to study Chemistry at the University of Groningen. Moving abroad gave me the chance to experience a new culture and meet so many people from all over the world. I have become so much more independent since I moved here and experienced so many new things.

    My Chemistry course is interesting and challenging at the same time. The lecturers are very enthusiastic and they all speak great English. This makes for a great study environment where it's easy to learn. The University of Groningen is great and has a lovely campus, I loved it here the moment I arrived. Groningen is a great city full of students and internationals, that has a great buzz about it and always offers something to do! If there's any advice that I may give to future students, it would be that you need to look for accommodation as soon as you can. The closer it gets to July or August, the harder it will be to find a room”.

    – Joni Gallagher
  • Testimonial van Elia Savino

    A natural choice

    Chemistry was a natural choice for me. Since I was a child, I wanted to be a scientist and in high school, I had this amazing chemistry teacher that showed me the beauty of the subject.

    I really like the amount of effort that professors and technical assistants put in their work. It shows the love they have for what they do. The subject that surprised me most was Introduction to Process and Product Technology, because it was something I never did before and it was an interesting point of view on some aspects of chemistry that you don’t think about.

    I came across Groningen almost randomly. I accompanied a friend to visit the university. The city and the university were amazing, so I decided to stay!

    – Elia Savino
  • Testimonial van Ben Feringa

    Road to the 2016 Nobel Prize

    – Ben Feringa
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