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OnderzoekGBBElectron Microscopy

Electron Microscopy

Groningen Biomolecular Sciences and Biotechnology Institute
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The electron microscopy (EM) group focuses on the structure determination of complex macro-molecular assemblies by transmission electron microscopy and electron tomography.

The main study objects are membrane proteins. Most of these proteins and involved in photosynthesis and bioenergetics or function in transport processes.

Most complexes are studied by non-crystallographic methods. These proteins are (partially) purified and their single particle EM images are processed to obtain 2D maps and 3D structures.

For these investigations we often use cryo-electron microscopy: objects are embedded in a thin amorphous layer of ice, which preserves their ultrastructure. These techniques are also very useful for investigating the ultra-structure of lipid vesicles in aqueous suspensions, a third topic of the EM group.

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