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ResearchGBBMicrobial Physiology & Host-Microbe Interactions

Molecular Immunology & Microbiology

Welcome to the Department of Molecular Immunology and Microbiology at the Groningen Biomolecular Science and Biotechnology Institute (GBB ) .

We are investigating the growth behavior of gut bacteria and their interactions with the human host:

- Sahar El Aidy studies the chemical dialogue in the microbiota-gut-brain interphase. The research focuses on how gut microbiota sense and metabolise neuroactive compounds that are part of the host diet and the impact of these bacterial metabolites on the neuro-immune response within the gut and brain. Another research line investigates the effect of gut microbiota on the effectiveness of drug treatment.

-Jonas Cremer studies the growth physiology of gut bacteria and their interactions with each other and the host. One research focus is the investigation of intestinal flow and its interplay with bacterial growth, aiming towards a more mechanistic understanding of microbiota composition. Another line of research is the investigation of E.coli's growth and swimming behavior, aiming to uncover its protein allocation strategies to thrive and survive in the dynamic environment of the gut.

-Lubbert Dijkhuizen (Emeritus Professor) is mainly interested in the Physiology/biotechnology of Gram-positive bacteria, with emphasis on primary and secondary metabolism in actinomycetes. Another research line is Structure/function studies of glycoside hydrolase enzymes acting on starch, sucrose and lactose. Since 2016 he is involved in the start-up company CarbExplore Group BV. More details on his industrial research activities can be found at the website

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