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Social Safety

The UG is committed to creating a healthy and safe work and study environment for everyone. An environment in which we engage with one another in a respectful way.

Social safety campaign

On 17 April 2023 the social safety campaign has been launched. This campaign is aimed at stimulating discussion regarding social safety among students and staff members. The experience of social safety, or unsafety, varies from person to person. Discussing personal boundaries is therefore extremely important. Such discussions, however, tend to be omitted, as they are not easy and since bystanders tend to remain silent. This situation is probably not my responsibility, yet so many remain silent. The word probably is highly significant here. That is why our campaign slogan is as follows:

‘Even if it's probably not your task, just ask.’

Zero Tolerance policy

Social safety requires ongoing attention. A study and work environment where you are treated with dignity and respect contributes to the health of students and staff members. It is crucial for safeguarding everyone’s pleasure in their work and studies, and most importantly for the quality of our teaching and research.

To make it abundantly clear that bullying, sexual and other harassment, insults, exclusion, physical or verbal threats, discrimination, and other unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated, the Board of the University has put forward a Zero Tolerance Statement.

If you are interested in the full UG policy, you can find it here:

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