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About us Policy and strategy

Social Safety

The University of Groningen aims to offer a study and work environment where everyone feels respected and safe. A socially safe climate contributes to a healthy work atmosphere and a pleasant study environment where everyone can flourish and perform optimally, and it improves the quality of our teaching and our research.

Who can you contact in case of a problem?

If you are bullied, discriminated against, intimidated, stalked, harassed, approached aggressively, or in any other way treated disrespectfully, who can you contact within the UG?

Zero Tolerance policy

Social safety requires ongoing attention. A study and work environment where you are treated with dignity and respect contributes to the health of students and staff members. It is crucial for safeguarding everyone’s pleasure in their work and studies, and most importantly for the quality of our teaching and research.

To make it abundantly clear that bullying, sexual and other harassment, insults, exclusion, physical or verbal threats, discrimination, and other unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated, the Board of the University has put forward a Zero Tolerance Statement.

Last modified:21 November 2023 12.23 p.m.
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