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Internationalization and Inclusion subsidy (IIS)

There are two types of Internationalization Grant: Formation Grant International Organization and Internationalization and Inclusion Grant. Below you can find an explanation of the objectives and applciaiton procedure for Internationalization Grant B, otherwise known as the IIS.

The IIS is intended to facilitate the membership of international students in existing student organizations in Groningen and by doing so foster an inclusive university community.

Deadline: 31st of March, 23:59

For more information on how CUOS defines internationalisation and inclusion, and what kind of events, activities or objects are good to apply for, please read the following document:

Please keep in mind that this document has no legal basis and even activities that are mentioned in the document may not receive a guaranteed subsidy, it merely serves as inspiration as to how your organisation could implement the subsidy. You can also reach out to the project manager implementation plan for students with a disability, mental health issue or chronical illness, Ms Aletta Westra-Hofstee who can help you with coming up with an idea or a project to furthe inclusion at the RUG. You can reach her under the following email address:

Application procedure

The deadline for Internationalization and Inclusion Grant is the 31st of March at 23:59. An application for the Internationalization and Inclusion Grant has to be done by filling in the application form for Internationalization and Inclusion Grant.

This form has to be filled in completely, and besides the form some extra documents have to be handed in:

  • Articles of organization (statuten), with document name: “1. Statuten [name organisation]” Approved and/or signed by a notary.
  • Up to date registration at the Kamer van Koophandel with document name: “2. KvK [name organisation]”. To be eligible for the grant an organisation has to be registrered at the Chamber of Commerce, this registration has to be up-to-date. A "wijziging van gegevens" is not sufficient!
  • Financial budget (and settlement if applicable) of the activities/projects, with document name: “3. Plan [name organisation]” incl the budget of the activity and a brief description of the activity
  • Annual financial budget of your organization, with the document name: “4. Budget [name organisation]”

Decision & Justification

Within 6 weeks after considering the application, a preliminary decision will be taken. You will be notified about this via email.

After at most 8 weeks after finishing the activity/project you requested the grant for, you will have to send in a detailed evaluation and financial justification to CUOS. The evaluation and the finanical justification need to contain at least the following:

  1. a justification of the spending of the money;
  2. a listing of and an explanation for all activities;
  3. an overview of the amount of participants per activity.
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