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Current Board

f.l.t.r. v.l.n.r. Jorrit Top, Mayke Kamphuis, Hannah Müllers, Myrthe Bekkers, Andrea Gačević
F.l.t.r. Wouter Ahlers, Lindgerd Pauwels, Martijn van der Meer, Debora van Tricht en Ole van Heloma Lugt.

The CUOS Board 2023-2024 consists of:

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Wouter Ahlers - President

First contact to relations and collaboration with various departments within the university. Responsible for general coordination, maintains overview and maintains contact with University Council Parties.

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Debora van Tricht - Secretary

Responsible for external communication from CUOS. Manage requests/applications from student organisations. Responsible for internal reporting and documentation of all incoming documents. Auditor student facility ACLO.

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Martijn van der Meer - Finance

Responsible for the financial affairs of the CUOS. Preparing and keeping the budget up to date. Handling subsidy justifications from organisations. Auditor to student facility ESN. Portfolio Internationalisation.

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Ole van Heloma Lugt - Housing

First point of contact within the board for the organisations that receive housing from the CUOS. In addition, responsible for communication between the university's facility organisation and hosted student organisations. Auditor of KEI student facility. Contact person SKLO.

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Lindgerd Pauwels - PR & Communication

Responsible for presentation of the CUOS. Provision of up-to-date information through website management and Linkedin. Provides all general communication about application deadlines and other formal and informal information for both organisations and student boards. Auditor of USVA. Vice President.

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