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Administrative organization

The University of Groningen consists of eleven Faculties, the University Library, the Center for Information Technology, the University Centre for Learning & Teaching, the Museum and a number of supporting services, organized within University Services.

Board of the University

  • The University is managed by the Board of the University. The Rector Magnificus is one of the members of this Board.
  • The Committee of Deans, which consists of the chairs of all Faculty Boards, has an advisory functioning a variety of fields.
  • The University Supervisory Board is responsible for supervising the Board and the management of the entire University. This Board is accountable to the Minister of Education, Science and Culture

Faculty Boards and Services Management

  • The Faculties are managed by the Faculty Boards, which are accountable to the Board of the University.
  • University Services is led by two managers, the Secretary General and the Deputy Director. They also act as advisors to the Board of the University.
  • The University Library (UB) is headed by the Librarian.
  • The Center for Information Technology (CIT) has a director.

The Faculty Boards, the Management of the University Services, the Librarian and the director of the Center for Information Technology have responsibility for staffing matters.

Participation in policy making

  • The central representative body is the University Council, consisting of representatives elected from staff and students. The Council has the authority to approve and advise on a number of decisions made by the Board of the University.
  • The Faculty Councils and four Service Councils participate in policy making at local levels.

University advisory committees

  • There are advisory committees in the fields of academic research (UCW), education (UCO), student policy (UCS), students with performance disability (ACF) and student organizations (CUOS). Also the Management Council advises the Board of the University.
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