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Participation at the University

Participation Coordinator

The participation coordinator office was established in May 2023 to provide more support for the members of all consultative participation bodies at the University. We assist both student and staff organizations, which are Programme Committees, Faculty Councils, University Council, as well as Employee Councils and Local Consultative Committee. You may contact us with ideas and questions regarding participation, funding, organization, or any additional information.

Students and Staff in Consultative Bodies

Students and staff members create the UG community. The consultative participation bodies exist on the basis of the Higher Education and Research Act (WHW) to reflect that in the legislative decision-making. Practically, this means that any student can get involved. Students can consider joining a Programme Committee of their degree, their Faculty Council, or maybe even the University Council. These bodies consist of student and staff members. Each year, elections are organized to pick representatives for the Faculty Council or the University Council. Elections are organized based on the national Electoral Regulations. Every student is eligible to vote and start in elections. You can even consider joining a student faction. 

Fostering engagement

At UG, participatory bodies play a crucial role in decision-making processes. Faculty Councils and Program Committees have a direct impact on faculty-level policy-making. Participation brings value to students and staff alike. Participatory bodies promote a sense of ownership and commitment among community members, as they have a direct role in shaping policies and initiatives. Co-participation strengthens the democratic fabric of the institution and fosters a culture of collaboration and shared responsibility, ultimately contributing to a more equitable and effective decision-making process. In Dutch, this collaborative process is often referred to as "draagvlak," signifying a solid foundation of support and consensus-building within the university community.

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