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Employee Councils

The Role of Employee Councils in University Participation

Employee Councils were established with the modernization of the University Governance Structure (MUB). All university units have participatory councils. On the faculty level, they are known as Faculty Councils. On the level of university services, they are called Employee Councils. They are vital participation bodies for central services at the university. The Employee Council actively advocates for employee well-being, emphasizing principles of openness, transparency, and mutual consultation.

Advisory Influence and Transparent Communication

Within the UG governance structure, the Employee Council holds the authority to provide advice to management, both solicited and unsolicited, ensuring a responsive approach. Management reciprocates by sharing crucial information about policy decisions. In specific cases, the Service Council may also hold approval rights for new policies.

Contact details of Employee Consultative Bodies

The University of Groningen has the following service councils:

Service Unit
Center for Information Technology (CIT)
University Library (UB)

If you work for one of these service units, you will be able to find more information about the related employee council through MyUniversity.

University of Groningen Regulations for Employee Consultative Bodies
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