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News archive 2020

Joining the municipal executive board costs parties votes – but one more than the others18 December 2020
Scientists create coatings from nature17 December 2020
€2 million ERC Grant for research on modulating the gut microbiome to improve drug efficacy09 December 2020
Convenience foods are a promising way of reducing consumer food waste27 October 2020
‘The coronavirus pandemic will be disastrous for many households’05 October 2020
A critical stance may seriously harm a director’s social status and satisfaction in serving10 September 2020
Competition between healthcare insurers is hampering structural improvement of chronic care10 September 2020
UG researchers will look at Covid-19 impact on hospital staff’s well-being01 September 2020
Campus Community Fund invests €500 million in Campus Groningen01 September 2020
Province of Groningen finances a chair in Nature-inclusive Rural Development01 September 2020
Olivier van Eijk nieuwe huisdichter RUG01 September 2020
Coronavirus pandemic information27 August 2020
Archeologisch samenwerkingsverband PAN leidt tot nieuwe historische inzichten15 July 2020
Plenty of room for improvement of the turnaround time for the criminal justice supply chain30 June 2020
Basale stofwisseling in ‘levende’ moleculen26 June 2020
Life-emulating molecules show basic metabolism26 June 2020
Joke van Leeuwen is the 2020-2021 Guest Writer of the University of Groningen17 June 2020
Results of University elections 2020-202115 June 2020
Teun Havinga new student assessor to the Board11 June 2020
Simple explanation suffices for conduction in nickelates11 June 2020
Nation wide technical problems Vodafone11 June 2020
Investigation into additional activities of UG professor of European Constitutional Law and Citizenship concluded08 June 2020
20 miljoen euro voor vijf grote onderzoeksprojecten UMCG03 June 2020
Karel Brookhuis appointed Knight in the Order of the Dutch Lion24 April 2020
Herman Bröring appointed Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau24 April 2020
Wout van Bekkum appointed Officer of the Order of Orange-Nassau24 April 2020
Wim Quax appointed Knight in the Order of the Dutch Lion24 April 2020
Educational activities with UMCG staff temporarily canceled12 March 2020
Fifteen Aletta Jacobs chairs for female academics06 March 2020
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