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Results of University elections 2020-2021

15 June 2020

On the afternoon of Monday 15 June, the results of the University elections for the student sections of the University Council and faculty councils were released through a livestream. Only 22.1% of all 32,700 students submitted their vote. That is just 3% less than in 2019 (24.9%).

The University Council (U-council) is the consultative participation body of the UG, with 24 seats. One half of the Council comprises UG staff members who are elected every two years, and the other half consists of students. This student section of 12 seats is distributed between different parties. The distribution of seats as from 1 September 2020 will be as follows:

  • SOG: 5 seats (as in 2019)
  • Lijst Calimero: 5 seats (as in 2019)
  • DAG: 1 seat (as in 2019)
  • De Vrije Student: 1 seat (as in 2019).

The distribution of seats therefore remains entirely the same as it was in 2019-2020.

Faculty councils

In addition to the elections for the U-raad, the elections for 8 of the 11 faculty councils were also held. Faculty councils are authorized to discuss the general state of affairs within their faculty with the faculty board, to submit proposals and to voice its opinions. The full results of the faculty council elections can be consulted online.

Rector Prof. Cisca Wijmenga: “Consultative participation of both students and staff is a vital part of our university. The coming Academic Year marks the 50th anniversary of this system, which has proven to be strong and very valuable. Both the Board of the University and the Boards of the Faculties greatly appreciate the time and effort students take to vote. And we value the time and effort of the students elected even more. I wish them lots of success!”

Further information

The elections for student members of the University Council and the various faculty councils within the University of Groningen were held in the period between 7 a.m. on Monday 8 June and 5 p.m. on Friday 12 June. The results were finalized by the Central Voting Office on 15 June 2020.

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