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Integrated Research on Energy, Environment & Socie

Address:Nijenborgh 6
9747 AG Groningen
The Netherlands


Benders, dr. R.M.J.
Researcher Energy and Environment
Bögel, prof. dr. P.M., PhD
Visiting professor
Bont, M.H.J. de, MSc
Phd candidate
Faaij, prof. dr. A.P.C.
Distinguished Professor Energy System Analysis
Huang, K., Dr
Postdoc in IREES
Klapper, R.G., Prof
Visiting Professor
Koops, R.
Management assistant
Li, R., PhD
Majchrowicz, M.E., PhD
Project coordinator
Matulessy, J.
Management assistent
Moll, prof. dr. H.C.
Professor natural resources for sustainable production and consumption
Nonhebel, dr. ir. S.
Associate professor environmental sciences
Pradhan, P., Dr
Assistant Professor
Ruiz Mendez, D.Y.
PhD student
Shan, Y., Dr PhD
Affilated Associate Professor
Warchold, A., MSc
PhD Student
Windt, H.J. van der
Associate Professor
Wit, M.P. de
Visiting Professor
Wu, Z.
Visiting Scholar
Zevenberg, J.
Lecturer Science & Society and PhD Sustainable nature conservation

PhD students

Atma, H.
PhD student
Hou, S.
PhD student
Huyssteen, T. van
PhD student
Li, L.
PhD student
Li, Y.
PhD student
Liu, B.
PhD student
Lu, M.
PhD student
Naz, R., MSc
PhD student
Parker, Y.
PhD student
Qiang, J.
PhD student
Soltanian, S., M
PhD student
Wang, Y.
PhD student
Yan, J.
PhD student
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