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Institute of Education

Address:Grote Rozenstraat 38
9712 TJ Groningen
The Netherlands


Arendshorst, mr. A.M.
external collaboration coordinator
Ballato, dr. L.
Lecturer/ Researcher/Coach/Coordinator BSS Honours Master programme & Buddy Project
Berkel, A. van, MSc
Academic Adviser Psychology
Bij-de Puij, dr. I. van der
Researcher/ collection specialist / director Archieves of Dutch Behavioral Sciences
Boer, I.M. de, MSc
Study advisor psychology/Coordinator BA Honours programme BSS
Bouwman, dr. D.M.E.
Policy Advisor Internationalization and Quality Assurance Education; Chair of The Personnel Faction (PF) University Council
Hooijenga, H.B.A.R.W.
Scheduling / Room reservation
Jong, E.R. de
coordinator of internships psychology
Kiers, E.H.
computer-aided learning
Krook, L.S., MSc
Coordinator E-learning
Muda, dr. G.E.
Policy Advisor Internationalisation and Research
Overwijk, drs. S.
Policy advisor quality management
Roijakkers, drs. M.
Academic advisor Pedagogical and Educational Sciences
Romeijn, drs. J.T.W.
Policy Advisor Psychology
Schaafsma, E.
Education Policy Officer
Siebenga, K., MA
Coordinator Statistics Practicals
Slijkhuis, A.A.
Studiecoordinator SPO
Steenbergen, dr. H.
Head Educational support
Veen, L.D. van der
Exchange Coordinator
Veenstra, I.P.J., MSc
Coordinator for the Research Master and the Graduate School of Behavioural and Social Sciences
Veenstra, T.W., MSc
Study Advisor/ Lecturer
Vlugt, dr. M.J.P.W. van der
Policy officer for the Research Master and the Graduate School of Behavioural and Social Sciences
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