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Accounting and Auditing

Address:Nettelbosje 2
9747 AE Groningen
The Netherlands


Bellora-Bienengräber, L., Dr
Associate Professor of Management Accounting and Control
Bik, prof. dr. O.P.G., RA
Professor of Audit & Assurance
Breukelman-de Jong, V.
MOA department Accounting and Auditing
Brouwer, T.L., RA
Lecturer Financial Reporting
Crom, dr. B.
Assistant Professor
Dingshoff, A.S.
MOA / Student Affairs Officer
Duuren, R. van, MSc
Lecturer Financial Reporting
Emanuels, prof. dr. J.A.
Professor Accounting Information Systems
Firk, S., Dr
Associate Professor in Management Accounting & Control (with Ius Promovendi)
Girdhar, dr. S.
Assistant Professor
Heijes, dr. C.P.A.
Assistant Professor
Hennig, J.C., Dr
Assistant Professor
Hoek, drs. F.H. van der
Program director EMA, Coordinator BSc BDK profile A&C
Holterman, prof. dr. W.G.M.
Professor Business Valuation
Hooghiemstra, prof. dr. R.B.H.
Professor in Financial Reporting and Corporate Governance
Huijgen, dr. C.A.
Associate Professor
Hussain, N., Dr
Associate Professor of Sustainability Accounting
Kamp-Roelands, prof. dr. A.E.M., RA
Professor non-financial information, integrated reporting and assurance - C.R. Rao foundation
Kevelam, drs. W.
Lecture Financial Reporting
Kok, G.
MOA / Student Affairs officer department Accounting & Auditing / Executive Master of Accountancy
Kuper, ing. R.G.J.
Universitair docent Accountancy & Internal Control
Linke, dr. K.
Assistant professor
Luttmer-Noest, I.M.
Coordinator Executive Master of Accountancy
Mansouri, dr. S.
Assistant Professor
Marra, dr. T.A.
Assistant Professor
Munnik, W.G. de
Parttime PhD student/Lecturer Accounting Information Systems (0.3 fte)
Oosterhoff-Verbruggen, R.C.J.
MOA / Student Affairs Officer
Out, drs. D.
Lecturer Auditing
Reilley, J.T., PhD
Assistant Professor of Accounting and Control
Rittersma, mr. M.M.
Lecturer Law & PhD researcher
Sikkema, drs. T.
Assistant Professor Auditing
Steen, dr. M.P. van der
Associate Professor of Management Accounting
Tank, A.K., Dr
Assistant Professor
Tillema, dr. S.
Associate Professor
Toebes, prof. mr. dr. B.C.A.
Professor, Health Law in a Global Context; Scientific Director, Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health
Veltrop, dr. D.B.
Associate professor of Corporate Governance (with Ius Promovendi)
Vliek, S., MSc
Lecturer External Reporting
Wagenaar, J.J.T., RA
University Lecturer Internal Control
Wildeboer, A.J., RA
Parttime lecturer Accounting and Auditing
Zandhuis, F.H., MSc
Course coordinator and lecturer Data-Driven Control
Zwaagman, W.K.
Teacher Internal Control

PhD students

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