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Contemporary History

Aartsen, H.J.C., MA
Boers, E.W., MA MScPhD StudentGeschiedenis
Internationale Betrekkingen
Boyadzhiev, L.M., MA Environmental History, History of Emotions, Contemporary History
Cate, prof. dr. A. tenBijzonder hoogleraar Militaire GeschiedenisEigentijdse Geschiedenis
Militaire Geschiedenis
De, dr. S., PhD
Henkes, dr. B.Universitair docent Eigentijdse geschiedenis.
Migratie, vormen van in- en uitsluiting; constructies van nationale identiteiten; transnationale en transculturele netwerken, memory studies, oral history en life writing. Regio's: Nederland, Duitsland en Zuid-Afrika
Hoop, dr. S. dehoofddocent Eigentijdse Geschiedenis  Eigentijdse geschiedenis Geschiedenis
Johnston-White, R.M., PhDUniversitair DocentHistory of religion & politics; history of Europe in the twentieth century, especially France; human rights; modern & contemporary Christianity, especially dissident forms of Catholicism and ProtestantismGeschiedenis
Geesteswetenschappen, Multidisciplinaire
Kraft van Ermel, dr. N.A.Docent Afd. Geschiedenis, Staflid Nederland-Rusland CentrumContemporaine geschiedenis van Rusland, Contemporaine geschiedenis van Oekraïne, Contemporaine geschiedenis van PolenGeschiedenis
Leeuwenburg, L.J., MAPhD student
Lennhammer, E., LLM MAVisiting Doctoral Researcher Human Rights, International Human Rights Law, History of Human Rights
Malone, H.O., PhDUniversitair Docent Eigentijdse geschiedenis Politics and memory; Architecture and heritage; Modern and contemporary Italy; Fascism and post-fascism
Mlambo, B.N.PhD student Environmental History, Historical Analysis, Conflict Resolution, Autonomy Studies, Eco-Erasure, Eco-Resilience, Water Security, Sustainability, Environmental Humanities. Reconnoitring Eco-Erasure in Southern Africa’s Quest for Autonomy: A Historical Analysis of the Interdependence Between Natural Capital, Specifically Water, and Its Role in Shaping Human Conflict. Geschiedenis
Mukherjee, D., MAPhD student
Ndaba, T.L., MA
Obute, A.C., Dr
Pesa, I., PhDUniversitair docent contemporaine geschiedenis African history (particularly Zambia, South Africa, and Nigeria); environmental history; social history; oral history. I study the environmental history of mining and oil drilling in Africa. My aim is to explain why people respond differently to severe pollution and environmental degradation. To answer these questions, I rely on oral history, literary analysis, political ecology, and approaches from art studies. Besides being the coordinator of the MA History track Un/Sustainable Societies in Past, Present, and Future, I am the chair of the Faculty Council of Arts for 2023-2025. Geschiedenis
Poel, dr. S. van derUniversitair docent Modern Jewish History of The Netherlands; Modern Jewish History of Central and Eastern Europe; Modern Political and Cultural History of Central and Eastern Europe; Modern History of the Habsburg Empire; Modern History of The Netherlands; Modern History of Groningen (city), Historical Biographies Geschiedenis
Resnikoff, J.Z., PhDAssistant Professor of Contemporary History History of Technology and Labor; history of capitalism; US history; intellectual history Geschiedenis
Industriële relaties & Arbeid
Shaba, J., Dr
Six, C., ProfUniversitair hoofddocent Contemporary South and Southeast Asian history; history of North-South relations since the 19th century; internationalisms after 1945 Geschiedenis
Internationale Betrekkingen
Slootweg, dr. T.universitair docent Contemporaine cultuur- en mediageschiedenis - met name geïnteresseerd in:  geheugen, culturele praktijken, tegenculturen, amateurfilm en -video, mediatechnologieën en digital humanities Geschiedenis
Film, Radio en Televisie
Zwiers, dr. M.Universitair docent Regionale identiteit, Nedersaksische geschiedenis en cultuur, Amerikaanse politiek, Amerikaanse geschiedenis, geschiedenis van het Amerikaanse Zuiden, Amerikanistiek, Southern Studies, rurale geschiedenis. Geschiedenis
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