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Research GION education/research Organization


The GION has in-house expertise in various fields within the educational sciences.

Assessment and Feedback

Assessment H. (Hajo) Meijer MSc.
Prof.dr. J.W. (Jan-Willem) Strijbos
Feedback dialogues Prof.dr. J.W. (Jan-Willem) Strijbos
Feedback processing
Peer assessment Prof.dr. J.W. (Jan-Willem) Strijbos
Peer feedback Prof.dr. J.W. (Jan-Willem) Strijbos

Physically active learning

Physically active learning Prof.dr. R.J. (Roel) Bosker
dr. M.J. (Marijke) Mullender-Wijnsma
Physical education drs. H. (Harm) Naayer
M. (Marinda) Spithoff MSc.
dr. A.C. (Anneke) Timmermans

Cognitive development

Cognition and meta-cognition dr. H. (Hester) de Boer

ICT and education

Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) Prof.dr. J.W. (Jan-Willem) Strijbos
Digital literacy dr. J.M. (Jolien) Mouw
Hybrid education, remote education & online education dr. J.M. (Jolien) Mouw
Instructional design of (simulation-based) learning environments dr. J.M. (Jolien) Mouw
Technology-enhanced learning (TEL) Prof.dr. J.W. (Jan-Willem) Strijbos

Lage-scale research

Cohort studies drs. H.M. (Harm) Naayer
Large-scale national assessment Prof.dr. R.J. (Roel) Bosker


Reliability intervals dr. R. (Rink) Hoekstra
Cluster methods dr. M.J. (Matthijs) Warrens
Discourse analysis dr. M.I. (Marjolein) Deunk
(Educational) evaluation research Prof.dr. R.J. (Roel) Bosker
Fuzzy classifications dr. M.J. (Matthijs) Warrens
Use and misuse of statistical techniques dr. R. (Rink) Hoekstra
Inferential statistics dr. R. (Rink) Hoekstra
Content analysis of discourse Prof.dr. J.W. (Jan-Willem) Strijbos
Inter-rater reliability dr. M.J. (Matthijs) Warrens
Meta-analysis dr. H. (Hester) de Boer
Multilevel models Prof.dr. R.J. (Roel) Bosker
dr. A.C. (Anneke) Timmermans
Eyetracking dr. D.D.N.M. (Danny) Kostons
Significance testing dr. R. (Rink) Hoekstra
Social network analysis dr. J. (Jasperina) Brouwer
Added value/learning gains dr. A.C. (Anneke) Timmermans

Non-cognitive development

Citizenship education dr. R. (Ralf) Maslowski
drs. H. (Harm) Naayer
Executive functions (executive functioning) dr. D.D.N.M. (Danny) Kostons
Classroom behavior dr. M. (Mariëtte) Hingstman
Motivation dr. H. (Hanke) Korpershoek
Peer relationships dr. M.A. (Marij) Veldman
Social integration drs. H.M. (Harm) Naayer
Social skills dr. J.M. (Jolien) Mouw
Self-regulated learning dr. H. (Hester) de Boer
dr. D.D.N.M. (Danny) Kostons

Educational Policy

Cultural diversity dr. M.I. (Marjolein) Deunk
Evidence based education Prof.dr. R.J. (Roel) Bosker
dr. H. (Hanke) Korpershoek
Internationalization drs. H.M. (Harm) Naayer
Educational policy dr. R. (Ralf) Maslowski
Educational administration dr. R. (Ralf) Maslowski
Educational accountability dr. A.C. (Anneke) Timmermans
Educational innovations

dr. J.M. (Jolien) Mouw

School boards M. (Marinda) Spithoff MSc.
School culture I.J.M. (Inge) Wichgers MSc.
Comparative education dr. R. (Ralf) Maslowski
drs. H. (Harm) Naayer
M. (Marinda) Spithoff MSc.

Teaching and learning processes

Group dynamics and interaction dr. J. (Jasperina) Brouwer
Interactions in the classroom dr. J.M. (Jolien) Mouw  
dr. M.A. (Marij) Veldman
Learning communities dr. J. (Jasperina) Brouwer  
Prof.dr. J.W. (Jan-Willem) Strijbos
Teacher-student interactions dr. M.I. (Marjolein) Deunk
Learning opportunities in the classroom dr. M.N. (Mayra) Mascareño Lara
Learning processes dr. J.M. (Jolien) Mouw
Learning and instruction dr. M.N. (Mayra) Mascareño Lara
dr. M.J. (Marijke) Mullender-Wijnsma
dr. M.A. (Marij) Veldman
Lifelong learning dr. J. (Jasperina) Brouwer
Educational effectiveness dr. A.C. (Anneke) Timmermans
Education and instructional designs dr. J.M. (Jolien) Mouw
dr. M.J. (Marijke) Mullender-Wijnsma
M. (Marinda) Spithoff MSc.
Prof.dr. J.W. (Jan-Willem) Strijbos
Cooperative / collaborative learning dr. J.M. (Jolien) Mouw
dr. M.J. (Marijke) Mullender-Wijnsma
dr. M.A. (Marij) Veldman
Workplace learning dr. J. (Jasperina) Brouwer
Professional development

dr. J. (Jasperina) Brouwer

dr. J.M. (Jolien) Mouw

Professional Learning Communities

dr. J.M. (Jolien) Mouw

(Un) equal opportunities

Ambition parents dr. H. (Hester) de Boer
Differentiation dr. M.I. (Marjolein) Deunk
Choice behavior M.A. (Monique) Dijks MSc.
dr. H. (Hanke) Korpershoek
dr. M.J. (Matthijs) Warrens
I.J.M. (Inge) Wichgers MSc.
Teacher expectations dr. H. (Hester) de Boer
dr. A.C. (Anneke) Timmermans
Students with special educational needs dr. M. (Mariëtte) Hingstman
Achievement standards Prof.dr. R.J. (Roel) Bosker
Educational transitions drs. H.M. (Harm) Naayer
M. (Marinda) Spithoff MSc.
dr. A.C. (Anneke) Timmermans
(Un)equal opportunities

Prof.dr. R.J. (Roel) Bosker

dr. M.A. (Marij) Veldman
dr. M. (Mariëtte) Hingstman

Transition from primary to secondary education drs. H.M. (Harm) Naayer
M. (Marinda) Spithoff MSc.
Inclusive education dr. M. (Mariëtte) Hingstman
Performance of Frisian students dr. H. (Hester) de Boer
Choice of profile in secondary education M.A. (Monique) Dijks MSc.
School advice dr. A.C. (Anneke) Timmermans
School trajectories (general) dr. M.J. (Matthijs) Warrens
School trajectories (secondary education) M.A. (Monique) Dijks MSc.
I.J.M. (Inge) Wichgers MSc.
School systems dr. H. (Hanke) Korpershoek
drs. H.M. (Harm) Naayer
M. (Marinda) Spithoff MSc.

Developmental psychology

Developmental psychology dr. A.W. (Alma) Spijkerboer
Neuropsychology dr. A.W. (Alma) Spijkerboer

Language development

Reading comprehension dr. M.J. (Marijke) Mullender-Wijnsma
Writing skills
Language and literacy development dr. M.I. (Marjolein) Deunk
dr. M. (Mariëtte) Hingstman
Text quality
Tutoring dr. M. (Mariëtte) Hingstman

Early childhood education

School readiness dr. M.N. (Mayra) Mascareño Lara
Early childhood education dr. M.I. (Marjolein) Deunk
dr. M.N. (Mayra) Mascareño Lara
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