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Publications 2008

Below our publications are listed using several headings. Scientific publications relate to original research, often published internationally, but also in the Dutch language. Professional publications are in Dutch and relate to reviews and expressions of opinions.

A few publications have no links. Reprints can be requested by our secretary

Scientific publications international
1. Bakker MK, de Walle HEK, de Jong-van den Berg LTW.
Reply to Martínez-Frías and Rodríguez-Pinilla.
Birth Defects Research (part A) 2008;82:175-(letter).
2. Bakker MK , Kolling P, van den Berg PB, de Walle HEK, de Jong-van den Berg LTW.
Increase in use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in pregnancy during the last decade, a population-based cohort study from the Netherlands.
British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 2008;65(4):600-6.
3. Boersma C , Postma MJ, Visser ST, Atthobari J, de Jong PE, de Jong-van den Berg LTW, Gansevoort RT.
Baseline albuminuria predicts the efficacy of blood pressure-lowering drugs in preventing cardiovascular events.
British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 2008;65(5):723-732.
4. Derijks HJ, Heerdink ER, Janknegt R, De Koning FHP, Olivier B, Loonen AJM, Egberts ACG.
Visualizing pharmacological activities of antidepressants: a novel approach.
The Open Pharmacology Journal 2008;2:54-62.
5. Dolk H , Jentink J, Loane M, Morris J, de Jong-van Berg LTW.
Does lamotrigine use in pregnancy increase orofacial cleft risk relative to other malformations?
Neurology 2008;71:714-722.
6. Faber A , van Agthoven M, Kalverdijk LJ, Tobi H, de Jong-van den Berg LTW, Annemans L, Postma MJ.
Long-acting methylphenidate-OROS in youths with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder suboptimally controlled with immediate-release methylphenidate - A study of cost effectiveness in the Netherlands.
CNS Drugs 2008;22(2):157-170.
7. Gallivan S , Taxis K, Franklin BD, Barber N.
Is the Principle of a Stable Heinrich Ratio a Myth?
Drug Safety 2008;31(8):637-642.
8. al Hadithy AFY , Wilffert B, Bruggeman R, Brouwers JRBJ.
The impact of MDR1 polymorphisms on prolactin concentrations in patients treated with risperidone.
Progress in Neuro-psychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry 2008;32:593-4.
9. Härmark LVD , van Grootheest AC.
Pharmacovigilance: methods, recent developments and future perspectives.
European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 2008;64(8):743-752.
11. Heisterkamp SH , de Vries R, Sprenger HG, Hubben GAA, Postma MJ.
Estimation and prediction of the HIV-AIDS-epidemic under conditions of HAART using mixtures of incubation time distributions.
Statistics in Medicine 2008;27(6):781-794.
12. Heisterkamp SH, de Vries R, Sprenger HG, Hubben GAA, Postma MJ.
Comment on 'Estimation and prediction of the HIV-AIDS-epidemic under conditions of HAART using mixtures of incubation time distributions'.
Statistics in Medicine 2008;27(11):2035-2036.
13. ter Horst PGJ , Jansman FGA, van Lingen RA, Smit J-P, de Jong-van den Berg LTW, Brouwers JRBJ.
Pharmacological aspects of neonatal antidepressant withdrawal.
Obstetrical and Gyneological Survey 2008;63(4):267-279.
14. Hubben GAA , Bishai D, Pechlivanoglou P, Cattelan AM, Grisetti R, Facchin C, Compostella FA, Bos JM, Postma MJ, Tramarin A.
The societal burden of HIV/AIDS in Northern Italy: An analysis of costs and quality of life.
Aids Care-Psychological and Socio-Medical Aspects of Aids/Hiv 2008;20(4):449-455.
15. van Hulst M, Owutsu-Ofori S, Sarkodie F, Nsiah-Asare A, Candotti D, Postma MJ, Allain JP.
Cost-effectiveness of pre-donation screening blood donors with rapid tests and subsequent nucleic acid amplification testing of blood donations in a resource-poor setting.
Vox Sanguinis 2008;95:261.
16. van Hulst M , Sagoe KW, Vermande JE, van der Schaaf IP, van der Tuuk Adriani WP, Torpey K, Ansah J, Mingle JA, Smit Sibinga CT, Postma MJ.
Cost-effectiveness of HIV screening of blood donations in Accra (Ghana).
Value Health. 2008 Sep-Oct;11(5):809-19. Epub 2008 May 16.
17. Jentink J , van de Vrie-Hoekstra N, de Jong-van den Berg LTW, Postma MJ.
Economic evaluation of folic acid food fortification in The Netherlands.
European Journal of Public Health 2008;18(3):270-274.
18. de Jong-van den Berg LTW.
Monitoring of the folic acid supplementation program in the Netherlands.
Food and Nutrition Bulletin 2008;29(2):210-213.
19. Kalverdijk LJ , Tobi H, van den Berg PB, Buiskool J, Wagenaar L, Minderaa RB, de Jong-van den Berg LTW.
Use of antipsychotic drugs among dutch youths between 1997 and 2005.
Psychiatric Services 2008;59(5):554-560.
20. de Langen J , van Hunsel F, Passier A, de Jong-van den Berg LTW, van Grootheest K.
Adverse drug reaction reporting by patients in the Netherlands - Three years of experience.
Drug Safety 2008;31(6):515-524.
21. Postma MJ , Boersma C, Gansevoort RT.
Pharmacoeconomics in nephrology: considerations on cost-effectiveness of screening for albuminuria.
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation 2008;23(4):1103-1106.
22. Postma MJ , de Vries R, Welte R, Edmunds WJ.
Health economic methodology illustrated with recent work on Chlamydia screening: the concept of extended dominance.
Sexually Transmitted Infections 2008;84(2):152-154.
23. Reinders MK , van Roon EN, Jansen T, Griep EN, De Laar MAV, Brouwers JRBJ.
Efficacy and tolerability of allopurinol, benzbromarone and probenecid in gout: A randomised controlled trial of benzbromarone versus probenecid after failure of allopurinol.
Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 2008;66:234.
24. Schorr SG , Slooff CJ, Postema R, Van Oven W, Schilthuis H, Bruggeman R, Taxis K.
A 12-month follow-up study of treating overweight schizophrenic patients with aripiprazole.
Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica 2008;118:246-250.
25. Schorr SG , Loonen AJM, Brouwers JRBJ, Taxis K.
A cross-sectional study of prescribing patterns in chronic psychiatric patients living in sheltered housing facilities.
International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics 2008;46(3):146-150.
26. Smink BE , Hofman BJA, Dijkhuizen A, Lusthof KJ, de Gier JJ, Egberts ACG, Uges DRA.
The concentration of oxazepam and oxazepam glucuronide in oral fluid, blood and serum after controlled administration of 15 and 30 mg oxazepam.
British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 2008;66(4):556-560.
27. Tramarin A , Gennaro N, Compostella FA, Gallo C, Wendelaar Bonga LJ, Postma MJ.
HCV sreening to enable early treatment of hepatitis C: a mathematical model to analyse costs and outcomes in two populations.
Current Pharmaceutical Design 2008;14:1655-1660.
28. Vegter S , de Jong-van den Berg LTW.
Choice of first antihypertensive-comparison between the Irish and Dutch setting.
British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 2008;66(2):313-315.
29. Vegter S , Boersma C, Rozenbaum M, Wilffert B, Navis GJ, Postma MJ.
Pharmacoeconomic evaluations of pharmacogenetic and genomic screening programmes.
Pharmacoeconomics 2008;26(7):569-587.
30. de Vries R , Daenen S, Tolley K, Glasmacher A, Prentice A, Howells S, Christopherson H, de Jong-van den Berg LTW, Postma MJ.
Cost effectiveness of itraconazole in the prophylaxis of invasive fungal infections.
Pharmacoeconomics 2008;26(1):75-90.
31. de Vries R , van Bergen JEAM, de Jong-van den Berg LTW, Postma MJ.
Cost-utility of repeated screening for chlamydia trachomatis.
Value in Health 2008;11(2):272-274.
32. de Vries TW , van Roon EN, Duiverman EJ.
Inhaled corticosteroids do not affect behaviour.
Acta Paediatrica 2008;97(6):786-789.
33. Vroom F , van de Laar MAJF, van Roon EN, Brouwers JRBJ, de Jong-van den Berg LTW.
Treatment of pregnant and non-pregnant rheumatic patients: a survey among Dutch rheumatologists.
Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics 2008;33(1):39-44.
34. Vroom F , van den Berg PB, de Jong-van den Berg LTW.
Prescribing of NSAIDs and ASA during pregnancy; do we need to be more careful?
British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 2008;65(2):275-276.
35. Vroom F , van Roon EN, van den Berg PB, Brouwers JRBJ, de Jong-van den Berg LTW.
Prescribing of sulfasalazine, azathioprine and methotrexate round pregnancy - a descriptive study.
Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety 2008;17(1):52-61.
36. de Walle HEK , de Jong-van den Berg LTW.
Ten years after the Dutch public health campaign on folic acid: the continuing challenge.
European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 2008;64(5):539-543.
Scientific publications national
1. Boersma C, Atthobari J, van den Berg PB, Visser ST, de Jong-van den Berg LTW, Postma MJ.
Farmaco-economische analyse bij behandeling van hypertensie met angiotensine-II-antagonisten.
Pharmaceutisch Weekblad Wetenschappelijk Platform 2008;2(1):2-7.
2. Boersma C, Voors AA, Postma MJ.
Losartan is kosteneffectief in de behandeling van hypertensie bij patiënten met linkerventrikelhypertrofie.
Pharmaceutisch Weekblad Wetenschappelijk Platform 2008;2(2):32-36.
3. van Hunsel FPAM, de Smet PAGM, van klei N, van Grootheest AC.
Indonesische kruidenthee bevat ongewenste westerse geneesmiddelen.
Pharmaceutisch Weekblad Wetenschappelijk Platform 2008;2(7):167-168.
4. de Jong J, van den Berg PB, de Vries TW, de Jong-van Berg LTW.
Meer voorschriften voor flucloxacilline bij kinderen in zomer en vroege herft door toename van impetigo.
Pharmaceutisch Weekblad Wetenschappelijk Platform 2008;2(7):159-162.
5. Postma MJ.
Kosteneffectiviteit van hepatitis-B-vaccinatie. Nederlands farmaceutisch onderzoek in de internationale literatuur.
Pharmaceutisch Weekblad Wetenschappelijk Platform 2008;2(4):79.
6. Postma MJ.
Besparing door substitutie van statines.
Pharmaceutisch Weekblad Wetenschappelijk Platform 2008;2(3):72.
7. Reinders MK, van Roon EN, Jansen TLTA, Delsing J, van de Laar MAFJ, Brouwers JRBJ.
Effectiviteit en verdraagbaarheid van urinezuurverlagende behandeling. Gerandomiseerd gecontroleerd onderzoek van benzbromaron versus probenecide bij jicht na falen allopurinol.
Pharmaceutisch Weekblad Wetenschappelijk Platform 2008;2(1):19-23.
Professional publications
1. Cornel MC, de Smit DJ, de Jong-van den Berg LTW.
Tóch advies op pildoosje. Na verrijking voedsel met foliumzuur.
Pharmaceutisch Weekblad 2008;april:17.
2. Cornel MC, de Smit DJ, de Jong-van den Berg LTW.
Toevoeging van foliumzuur aan brood aan te bevelen.
Nederlands Tijdschrift Geneeskunde 2008;152(28):1568.
3. Härmark LVD, van Grootheest AC.
Actieve bewaking van nieuwe diabetesmiddelen.
Patient Care 2008;juni:50-52.
4. Loonen AJM.
Wat telt, is of het hélpt. Hoeze werkt SSRI niet beter dan placebo?
Pharmaceutisch Weekblad 2008;april:19.
5. Loonen AJM.
Kennis van zaken. Werking antidepressiva.
Pharmaceutisch Weekblad 2008;mei:10.
6. Monster-Simons MH, van Grootheest AC.
Geen maagzuur meer, maar wel borstvorming. Gynaecomastic tijdens gebruik van protonpompremmers.
Pharmaceutisch Weekblad 2008;juli:38-39.
7. Nijman H, Reesink-Peters N, Postma MJ, Daemen T, Wilschut J, van der Zee A.
Profylactische vaccins ter voorkoming van HPV-gerelateerde kanker.
Tijdschrift Kanker 2008;februari:6-10.
Chapter in book
1. Brouwers JRBJ, van der Hooft C.
De patiënt met beperkte therapietrouw.
In: Olde Rikkert MGM, Flamaing J, Petrovic M, Schols JMGA, Hoefnagels WHL, eds.
Probleemgeoriënteerd denken in de geriatrie.Utrecht: De Tijdstroom Uitgeverij, 2008:387-399
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