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Publications 2007

Below our publications are listed using several headings. Scientific publications relate to original research, often published internationally, but also in the Dutch language. Professional publications are in Dutch and relate to reviews and expressions of opinions.

A few publications have no links. Reprints can be requested by our secretary

Scientific publications international
1. Atthobari J, Gansevoort RT, de Jong-van den Berg LTW, de Jong PE.
Statins and renal function. Is the compound and dose making a difference?
Nephrology Dialiysis Transplantation 2007;22(3):964-965.(letter)
2. Atthobari J , Gansevoort RT, Visser S, de Jong PE, de Jong-van den Berg LTW.
The impact of hormonal contraceptives on blood pressure, urinary albumin excretion and glomerular filtration rate.
British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 2007;63(2):224-31.
3. Atthobari J , Gansevoort RT, Visser S, de Jong PE, de Jong-van den Berg LTW.
The effect of screening for cardio-renal risk factors on drug use in the general population.
British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 2007;64(6):810-818.
4. Bakker MK , de Walle HEK, Dequito A, van den Berg PB, de Jong-van den Berg LTW.
Selection of controls in case-control studies on maternal medication use and risk of birth defects.
Birth Defects Research (part A) 2007;79:652-656.
5. Bakker MK , Kölling P, van den Berg PB, de Walle HEK, de Jong-van den Berg LTW. Increase in use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in pregnancy during the last decade, a population-based cohort study from the Netherlands. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 2007;DOI:10.1111/j.1365-2125-2007.03048.x
6. Beinema MJ , de Jong PH, Salden HJM, van Wijnen M, van der Meer J, Brouwers JRBJ.
The influence of NSAIDs on coumarin sensitivity in patients with CYP2C9 polymorphism after total hip replacement surgery.
Mol Diag Ther 2007;11(2):123-128
7. Boersma C , Carides GW, Atthobari J, Voors A, Postma MJ.
An economic assessment of losartan-based versus atenolo-based therapy in patients with hypertension and left-ventricular hypertrophy: results from the losartan intervention for endpoint reduction reduction (LIFE) study adapted intervention for endpoint reduction (LIFE) study adapted to the Netherlands. Clinical Therapeutics 2007;29(5):963-971.
8. Bos JM , Rietveld E, Moll HA, Steyerberg EW, Luytjes W, Wilschut JC, de Groot R, Postma MJ.
The use of health economics to guide drug development decisions: Determining optimal values for an RSV-vaccine in a model-based scenario-analytic approach.
Vaccine 2007;25:6922-6929.
9. Chedoe I , Molendijk HA, Dittrich TAM, Jansman FGA, Harting JW, Brouwers JRBJ, Taxis K.
Inicidence and Nature of Medication Errors in Neonatal Intensive Care with Strategies to Improve Safety: a Review of the Current Literature.
Drug Safety 2007;30(6)503-513
10. Duyvendak M , Naunton M, Atthobari J, van den Berg PB, Brouwers JRBJ.
Corticosteroid-induced osteoporosis prevention: longitudinal practice patterns in the Netherlands 2001-2005.
Osteoporos Int 2007.
11. Faber A , keizer RJ, van den Berg PB, de Jong-van den Berg LTW, Tobi H.
Use of double-blind placebo-controlled N-of-1 trials among stimulant-treated youths in the Netherlands: a descriptive study.
Eur J Clin Pharmacol 2007;63:57-63.
12. Finkers F , Maring JG, Boersma F, Taxis K.
A study of medication reviews to identify drug-related problems of polypharmacy patients in the Dutch nursing home setting.
Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics 2007;32(5):469-476
13. Foster JM , van der Molen T, de Jong-van den Berg LTW.
Patient-reporting of side effects may provide an important source of information in clinical practice.
Eur J Clin Pharmacol 2007;63:979-980 (letter).
14. Gravelle H , Brouwer WBF, Niessen LW, Postma MJ, Rutten FFH.
Discounting in economic evaluations: stepping forward towards optimal decision rules.
Health Economics 2007;16:307-317.
15. Heisterkamp SH , de Vries R, Sprenger HG, Hubben GAA, Postma MJ.
Estimation and prediction of the HIV-AIDS-epidemic under conditions of HAART using mixtures of incubation time distributions.
Statistics in Medicine 2007;DOI:10.1002/sim.2974
16. Hubben GAA , Bos JM, Veltman-Starkenburg CA, Stegmeijer S, Finnern HW, Kappelhoff BS, Simpson KN, Tramarin A, Postma MJ.
Cost-effectiveness of tipranavir versus comparator protease inhibitor regimens in HIV infected patients previously exposed to antiretroviral therapy in the Netherlands.
Cost Effectiveness and resource Allocation 2007,5:15 DOI:10.1186/1478-7547-5-15
17. Hubben GAA , Bos JM, Glynn DM, van der Ende A, van Alphen L, Postma MJ.
Enhanced decision support for policy makers using a web interface to health-economic models-Illustrated with a cost-effectiveness analysis of nation-wide infant vaccination with the 7-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in the Netherlands.
Vaccine 2007;25:3669-3678.
18. Ivanovic N , Beinema MJ, Brouwers JRBJ, Naunton M, Postma MJ.
Thromboprophylaxis in total hip-replacement surgery in Europe: acenocoumarol, fondaparinux, dabigatran and rivaroxban.
Expert Reviews Pharmacoeconomics Outcomes research 2007;7(1):49-58.
19. Ivanovic N, Foltanova T, Davidova J, Praznovcova L, Postma MJ.
Application of National Guidelines to pharmacoeconomic research in the Netherlands.
Farmakoekonomika a lieková politika 2007;3(1):33-40.
20. Jansman FGA , Postma MJ, Brouwers JRBJ.
Cost considerations in the treatment of colorectal cancer.
Pharmacoeconomics 2007;25(7):537-562
21. Klok RM , al Hadithy AFY, van Schayk NPJT, Antonisse AJJ, Caro JJ, Brouwers JRBJ, Postma MJ.
Pharmacoeconomics of quetiapine for the management of acute mania in bipolar I disorder.
Expert Rev Pharmacoeconomics Outcomes Res 2007;7(5):459-467.
22. Loonen AJM , van Praag H.
Measuring movement disorders in antipsychotic drug trials. The need to define a new standard.
Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology 2007;27(5):423-430
23. Naunton M, Brouwers JRBJ, Duyvendak M.
Clinical communication to the editor. Dose conversions: Opportunity for error.
The American Journal of Medicine 2007;120(11):to the editor-(letter)
24. Postma MJ , Novak A, Scheijbeler HWKFH, Gyldmark M, van Genugten MLL, Wilschut JC.
Cost effectiveness of Oseltamivir treatmant for patients with influenza-like illness who are at increased risk for serious complications of influenza.
Pharmacoeconomics 2007;25(6):497-509.
25. Postma MJ, de Vries R, Welte R, Edmunds J.
Health Economic Methodology Illustrated with Recent Work on Chlamydia Screening: the Concept of Extended Dominance.
Sexually Transmitted Infections Published Online First: 12 December 2007. DOI:10.1136/sti.2007.028043
26. Postma MJ , Boersma C, Gansevoort RT.
Pharmacoeconomics in nephrology: considerations on cost-effectiviness of screening for albuminuria.
Nephrol Dial Transplant, 2007; DOI:10.1093/ndt/gf1756
27. Reinders MK , Nijdam LC, van Roon EN, Movig KLL, Jansen TLTA, van de Laar MAFJ, Brouwers JRBJ.
A simple method for quantification of allopurinol and oxipurinol in human serum by high-performance liquid chromatography with UV-detection.
Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis 2007;45:312-317
28. Reinders MK , van Roon EN, Houtman PM, Brouwers JRBJ, Jansen TLTA.
Biochemical effectiveness of allopurinol and allopurinol-probenecid in previously benzbromarone-treated gout patients.
Clinical Rheumatology 2007;26:1459-1465
29. Schorr SG , Brouwers JRBJ, Taxis K.
[If drugs are not taken – how different antipsychotics influence compliance of schizophrenic patients]
Fortschritte Neurologie Psychiatrie 2007;75:473-477
30. Tobi H , Faber A, van den Berg PB, Drane JW, de Jong-van den Berg LTW.
Studying co-medication patterns: the impact of definitions.
Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety 2007;16:405-411.
31. Vonkeman H , Klok RM, Postma MJ, Brouwers JRBJ, van de Laar MAFJ.
Direct medical costs of serious gastrointestinal ulcers among users of NSAIDs.
Drugs Aging 2007;24(8):681-690.
32. de Vries T , de Langen-Wouterse J, de Jong-van den Berg LTW, Duiverman E.
Hypertrichosis as a side effect of inhaled steroids in children.
Pediatric Pulmonology 2007;42:370-373.
33. De Vries R , van Bergen JEAM, de Jong-van den Berg LTW, Postma MJ.
Cost-utility of repeated screening for Chlamydia Trachomatis.
Value in Health 2007;DOI:10.1111/j.1524-4733.2007.00225.x
34. Vroom F , van den Berg PB, de Jong-van den Berg LTW.
Prescribing of NSAIDs and ASA during pregnancy; do we need to be more careful?
British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 2007 (letter); DOI:10.1111/j.1365-2125.2007.02994.x
35. Vroom F , van Roon EN, van den Berg PB, Brouwers JRBJ, de Jong-van den Berg LTW.
Prescribing of sulfasalazine, azathioprine and methotrexate round pregnancy: a descriptive study.
Pharmacoepidemiology and drug safety, 2007; DOI:10.1002/pds.1506
36. de Walle HEK , de Jong-van den Berg LTW.
Growing gap in folic acid intake with respect to level of education in the Netherlands.
Community Genetics 2007;10:93-96.
37. Wilffert B , Boskma RJ, van der Voort PHJ, Uges DRA, van Roon EN, Brouwers JRBJ.
4-Aminopyridine (fampridine) effectively treats amlodipine poisoning: a case report.
Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics 2007;32:655-657
Scientific publications national
1. Duyvendak M, Bosman J, Klopotowska J, Kuiper-Herder AJ, van Roon EN, Brouwers JRBJ.
Perioperatief geneesmiddelmanagement.
Pharmaceutisch Weekblad Wetenschappelijk Platform 2007;1(5):105-109
2. Jentink J, Bakker M, Vroom F, van den Berg PB, de Walle HEK, de Jong-van den Berg LTW.
Voorschrijfpatronen voor, tijdens en na de zwangerschap voor chronische, incidentele en zwangerschapsgerelateerde medicatie in Nederland.
Pharmaceutisch Weekblad Wetenschappelijk Platform 2007;1(1):8-15.
3. Postma MJ.
Consulten van de apotheker: implicaties voor de farmaco-economie?
Pharmaceutisch Weekblad Wetenschappelijk Platform 2007;1(4):96.
4. Postma MJ.
Farmaco-economie en farmacogenetica bij ACE-remmers. Nederlands farmaceutisch onderzoek in de internationale literatuur.
Pharmaceutisch Weekblad Wetenschappelijk Platform 2007;1((3)):63.
Professional publications
1. Brouwers JRBJ, van Roon EN.
Geneesmiddelinteracties in de huisartspraktijk.
Patient Care 2007;februari:50-54
2. Brouwers JRBJ, Taxis K.
Medicatiegerelateerde problemen bij ouderen.
Patient Care 2007;juli-augustus:19-23
3. Brouwers JRBJ.
Wetenschap en Ziekenhuisapothekers: méér onderzoek.
Pharmaceutisch Weekblad 2007;142(3) 27
4. Brouwers JRBJ, Saadat SR, Wieringa A, Visser T, Nieuwenhuis MK.
Behandeling van jeuk bij brandwonden.
Patient Care 2007;34(12):9-12
5. van Grootheest AC, Brouwers JRBJ.
Zonder huisartsen geen veilige geneesmiddelen.
Patient Care 2007;35(10):9-12
6. Hovens JE, Willemsen E, Loonen AJM. 'Lastige lieden' zijn grootverbruikers.
Weinig bewijs voor effectiviteit van psychofarmaca.
Pharmaceutisch Weekblad 2007;22 juni(12):13
7. Postma MJ, Nijman H, Daemen T, van der Zee A, Wilschut J.
Introductie HPV-vaccins op de markt.Nieuwe uitdagingen voor de farmaco-economie.
Pharmaceutisch Weekblad 2007;9 maart:30-31.
8. Postma MJ.
Het zijn duivelse keuzes.
Vaste Prik 2007;2(juni):20-21.
9. Postma MJ.
De doelmatigheid van nieuwe geneesmiddelen. Farmaco-economisch onderzoek.
Psychiatrie Centraal 2007;(winter):13.
10. Postma MJ, Boersma C. Evaluatie van zelftesten; een nieuwe uitdaging voor de farmacie-economie. Folia Pharmaceutica 2007;oktober:26-27. Ref ID: 541
11. Postma MJ, van Hulst M. Vergoeding van weesgeneesmiddelen; nieuwe uitdagingen voor farmaco-economie. Folia Pharmaceutica 2007;december:20-22. Ref ID: 542
12. Taxis K, Barber N.
Safe medication prescribing and administration: three strategies for hospital pharmacists.
Patient Safety, EJHPPractice 2007;13(2):98-100
Chapter in book
1. Brouwers JRBJ, Taxis K. Pharmakodynamische Interaktionen. In: Högger P, Strehl E, eds. Repetitorium Klinische Pharmazie. Arbeitsbuch für Prüfung und Praxis. Eschborn: Govi-Verlag Pharmazeutischer Verlag GmbH, 2007:117-119
2. Festen HPM, de Wit NJ, Brouwers JRBJ Hoofdstuk 4 Gastroenterologie In: Diagnose en Therapie 2008 Redactie JJE van Everdingen en JH Glerum. Uitgever Bohn Stafleu van Loghum, Houten 2007:130-154
3. Taxis K. Bei älteren Patiënten problematische Arzneistoffe. In: Högger P, Strehl E, eds. Repetitorium Klinische Pharmazie. Arbeitsbuch für Prüfung und Praxis.Eschborn: Govi-Verlag Pharmazeuttischer Verlag GmbH, 2007:489-492
4. Taxis K, Brouwers JRBJ.
Arzneimitteltherapie bei Senioren.
In: Högger P, Strehl E, eds. Repetitorium Klinische Pharmazie. Arbeitsbuch für Prüfung und Praxis.
Eschborn: Govi-Verlag Pharmazeutischer Verlag GmbH, 2007:207-213
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