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The faculty theme Advanced Materials is covering research activities of currently five research institutes with a total of 74 participants. Below you find an alphabetical list of the researchers, their (materials related) research focus and the individual institute affiliation (ZIAM - Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials, Stratingh - Stratingh Institute for Chemistry, GBB - Groningen Biomolecular Sciences and Biotechnology Institute, ENTEG - Engineering and Technology Institute Groningen, GRIP - Groningen Research Institute of Pharmacy).


Institute affiliation
Aberg, Christoffer nanoparticle-cell interactions; nanomedicine; nanosafety GRIP
Acuautla Meneses, Monica

Mechatronic engineering, Piezoelectric materials, Micro/Nano Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS/NEMS), Flexible electronics, Sensors (piezoelectric, gas), Piezoelectric devices, Micro/nano electronics



Banerjee, Tamalika Spintronics, Oxide Spin-FET's, Topological insulators, Two-dimensional materials, Smart materials, Beyond Moore, Internet of Things ZIAM
Blake, Graeme Thermoelectrics, magnetic materials, multiferroic materials, X-ray and neutron scattering, crystallography, functional metal oxides and chalcogenides, crystal growth, solid state synthesis ZIAM
Bose, Ranjita

Polymer structure-property, chemical vapour deposition of polymers, conductive polymers, rheology, self-healing polymers, multifunctional polymer coatings

Browne, Wesley Electrochemistry and spectroscopy of molecular materials and catalysts Stratingh


Chicca, Elisabetta neuromorphic behaving systems ZIAM
Chiechi, Ryan Organic Materials-Chemistry and Devices, Unconventional Nanofabrication, and Self-Assembled Monolayers Stratingh


Deuss, Peter Biomaterials, Chemicals from Renewable Resources, Lignin, Lignocellulose ENTEG
Driessen, Arnold Biomaterials, Membranes, Lipids, Secondary metabolites, Antibiotics, Proteins, NanoBiotechnology GBB


Euverink, Gert-Jan biotechnology, microbiology, separation technology, water technology, high througput screening, biochemistry, enzymology ENTEG


Faraji, Shirin

Theoretical and Computational Chemistry

Feringa, Ben Organic Chemistry; Catalysis and Synthesis, Molecular Nanotechnology, complex molecular systems Stratingh
Frijlink, Erik Dosage forms for drugs; Biopharmaceutical aspects of drugs; Industrial production of dosage forms; Pulmonary drug administration; Stabilisation of biopharmaceutical drugs (proteins, vaccins); Sugar glass technology; Tablets; Targeted oral administration; Coating, Formulation of poorly soluble drugs, Formulation and innovative routes of administration for vaccines GRIP


Guimaraes, Marcos Spintronics and magneto-optics of nanomaterials ZIAM


Harutyunyan, Syuzanna organic synthesis, asymmetric catalysis, mechanistic studies Stratingh
Havenith, Remco Theoretical Chemistry Stratingh
Heeres, Eric Catalytic (homogeneous and heterogeneous) reaction engineering, renewable conversions to biofuels and biobased products ENTEG
Hildner, Richard optical spectroscopy of functional nanosystems ZIAM
Hoekstra, Ronnie Atomic and Molecular Interactions, Spectroscopy of Ultrafast Dynamics and Structural Changes in Small Quantum Systems, Nanolithography ZIAM
Hummelen, Kees photovoltaics, molecular semiconductors, fullerene science, molecular materials for organic & hybrid PV, molecular electronics, upconversion Stratingh


Jansen, Thomas La Cour Theoretical spectroscopy, protein structure, perovskite solar cells, light harvesting systems, hydrogen bonded systems ZIAM


Kamperman, Marleen polymer science ZIAM
Katsonis, Nathalie Active molecular systems and materials, artificial muscles, self-organization Stratingh
Klein, Johannes Catalysis, oxidation, mechanistic studies, theoretical and experimental approach Stratingh
Knoester, Jasper Theoretical Physics ZIAM
Kooi, Bart Nanostructured chalcogenides and oxides, Phase-change materials, Thermoelectrics, Nanoparticles (metallic and semiconducting), Transmission Electron Microscopy, Pulsed Laser Deposition ZIAM
Koster, Jan-Anton Physics of solution-processable semiconductors and devices thereof ZIAM
Kottapalli, Ajay

Micro/Nano Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS/NEMS), Flexible electronics, Nanoelectronics, Nature-inspired sensing, Soft polymer sensors, Biomimetic materials and sensors, Biomedical MEMS

Krushynska, Anastasiia wave dynamics, waveguiding, piezoelectricity, phononic materials, non-destructive evaluation, resonators, acoustics, acoustic metamaterials ENTEG
Kudernac, Tibor Life-like supramolecular mechanics, chemo-mechanical transduction, molecular machines and switches Stratingh
Kyriakou, Vasilis Heterogeneous catalysis; electrocatalysis; solid oxide fuel cells; nitrogen fixation; carbon dioxide reduction; water electrolysis; alkane activation; protonic ceramic membrane reactors; chemicals and electrical power cogeneration; electrochemical promotion of catalysis ENTEG


Loi, Maria Antonietta Photophysics, transport properties, optoelectronics devices, solution processable semiconductors, nano materials ZIAM
Loos, Katja macromolecular chemistry, enzymatic polymerizations, controlled polymerizations, living polymerizations, macromolecular architecture, block copolymers, self assembly, supramolecular concepts, biobased polymers, renewable monomers and polymers, functional polymers, hybrid materials, thermal properties of polymers, mechanical properties of polymers, materials characterization ZIAM


Maglia, Giovanni

Electrophysiology, Single-molecule Nanopore Technology

Maresca, Francesco Multiscale Mechanics Modelling, Solid Mechanics (Theoretical and Computational), Crystal Plasticity, Molecular Dynamics ENTEG
Marrink, Siewert-Jan Computational Material Design, Bio-Inspired Materials, Artificial Light-Harvesting Materials GBB
Mathwig, Klaus Nanofluidics, Nanoscale Electrochemical Sensors GRIP
Minnaard, Adri organic synthesis , polymer building blocks, dyes, organic electronics, fluorescent compounds Stratingh
Mostovoy, Maxim Theoretical Physics, Strongly correlated systems, Magnetism, Multiferroics ZIAM


Noheda, Beatriz Ferroelectrics, piezoelectrics, multiferroics , functionals oxides, epitaxial thin film oxides, ferroelectric nanosctructures, ferroelastic domains walls, memristors, neuromorphic materials, metal-insulator transitions, correlated electron systems ZIAM


Ocelik, Vaclav High entropy alloys, Rapidly quenched materials, Materials microstructural characterization, In-situ scanning electron microscopy, Dual beam elecron-ion beam microscopy, Electron back-scatter diffraction (EBSD), Electron energy dispersive spectrocopy (EDS) ZIAM
Olinga, Peter Drug delivery, Disease models, Nanoparticles GRIP
Onck, Patrick Active materials, smart materials, molecular biophysics, computational (bio)physics, molecular dynamics, multiscale modelling, bionanoscience ZIAM
Otten, Edwin Coordination chemistry, crystallography, spin-crossover, organometallic chemistry, catalysis Stratingh
Otto, Sijbren Self-assembling materials, Soft materials, Hydrogels,  Nanoparticles, Vesicles, Coascervates Stratingh


Palasantzas, George Casimir effect, Micro/Nanoelectromechanical systems, Surface roughness,  Nanoparticles, Scanning probe microscopy, Adhesion, Friction ZIAM
Paulino, Cristina

Structural Biology, cryo Electron Microscopy (cryo-EM), Membrane Proteins

Pchenitchnikov, Maxim Ultrafast spectroscopy ZIAM
Pei, Yutao Nano-structured materials and Nanocomposites; Smart materials; Anti-wear and corrosion, low friction coatings; Bio-compatible and degradable coatings; Diamond-like carbon coatings; Graphene and next generation battery materials; Laser materials processing: 3D printing, welding, coating; In-situ testing and microscopy; Surface engineering and tribology ENTEG
Pescarmona, Paolo Heterogeneous Catalysts, Metal oxides, Zeolites, Mesoporous materials, Nanomaterials, Photocatalysts, Electrocatalysts ENTEG
Picchioni, Francesco biobased polymers, renewable polymers, self-healing materials, polymeric surfactants, rheology modifiers ENTEG
Poolman, Bert Synthetic Biology, Enzymology, Membrane Biology, Transport and Signal Transduction, Protein chemistry, Cell volume regulation, Macromolecular crowding, Super-resolution optical microscopy, Single-molecule tracking, Membrane reconstitution GBB
Portale, Giuseppe polymer electrolytes for fuel cells, polymers for batteries, polymer/nanoparticles hybrid materials for energy and sensing, phase transition in soft matter, polymer coatings ZIAM
Protesescu, Loredana nanomaterials chemistry, inorganic chemistry, perovskites ZIAM


Raffa, Patrizio Design, synthesis and study of (amphiphilic) polymers via controlled radical polymerization and polycondensation methods for industrial application ENTEG
Roelfes, Gerard biomolecular chemistry & catalysis Stratingh
Roos, Wouter Viral nanoparticles, Biomaterial, bio-interfaces, membranes, vesicles, DNA, RNA, self-assembly ZIAM
Rudolf, Petra Experimental Solid State Physics, Surface Science, Electron spectroscopy, organic thin films, molecular switches and motors ZIAM


Salvati, Anna Nanomedicine, Drug delivery and drug targeting, Nanosafety, Nanoparticle-cell interactions, Nanoparticle corona, Nanoparticle endocytosis GRIP
Schlathölter, Thomas gas phase biomolecules, energetic processing of complex molecules, biomolecular radiation damage & radiotherapy, molecular physics ZIAM
Slawinska, Jagoda computational materials science, spintronics, low-dimensional materials ZIAM
Slotboom, Dirk-Jan Antibiotics, biological membranes, vitamin uptake, transport mechanisms across biomembranes, bacterial vitamin production GBB
Stöhr, Meike molecular self-assembly, graphene, on-surface polymerization, organic thin films ZIAM


Tromp, Moniek materials chemistry, catalysis, electrochemistry, batteries, energy materials, fuel cells, advanced spectroscopy, X-ray spectroscopy, arts conservation ZIAM
Tych, Kasia single-molecule biochemistry GBB


Vakis, Antonis Tribology & Lubrication, Multiscale Contact Mechanics, Biomechanics ENTEG
van der Giessen, Erik Micromechanics of materials, discrete dislocation plasticity, multiscale modelling, deformation and fracture of polymers, biophysical networks, computational biophysics ZIAM
van der Wal, Caspar Quantum Optics, semiconductor optics, semiconductor device physics ZIAM
van der Wel, Patrick Solid-state NMR spectroscopy, protein aggregation, self-assembling supramolecular materials, biophysics ZIAM
van Wees, Bart Spin and charge transport in graphene and 2D materials , magnon spintronics in magnetic insulators, spincaloritronics ZIAM
Verpoorte, Sabeth Lab-on-a-chip; microfluidics; minisaturized total analysis systems GRIP
Vlijm, Rifka molecular and cellular biophysics, super-resolution optical microscopy ZIAM


Xie, Jingxiu Catalytic performance of solid catalysts ENTEG


Ye, Justin Field effect transistor, Transition metal dichalcogenides, Topological insulators, Two-dimensional semiconductors, Superconductivity, Valleytronics, Nano optoelectronics ZIAM
Yue, Jun Chemical process intensification , Microreactors and flow chemistry, Microfluidics, Centrifugal contactors, Bio-based chemocatalytic conversion, Multiphase reactors, Transport Phenomena ENTEG

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