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Scientific Research and Ethics Committee

As part of its quality assurance policy, the Faculty of Law has a Scientific Research and Ethics Committee (Commissie Wetenschapsbeoordeling en Ethiek, CWB). It advises the faculty board about research matters in general. The Committee also performs assessments of the quality and viability of research proposals of PhD’s and proposals for research grants.

The CWB consists of the following members:

Prof. mr. dr. A.R. Mackor (chair)
Prof. dr. M.M.T.A. Brus H.K. Elzinga
Prof. J.E. Jansen
Prof. mr. dr. A.T. Marseille
Prof. mr. dr. S.A.J. Munneke
Prof. dr. H.H.B. Vedder
Prof. mr. dr. A.J.Verheij
Prof. mr. dr. S.E. Weishaar
Dr. mr. M. Wever
Prof. dr. M.H. ten Wolde
Zahra Farshchi (student member)
Fleur Peters (adv. student member)

C.I. Penninga-Lin, LL.M., MSc (secretary)

For more information about the Scientific Research and Ethics Committee you can contact the Secretary of the CWB, C.I. Penninga-Lin.

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