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News in 2016

Below is a summary of news from 2016.

TitlePosted on
Dr Erin Wilson joins De Jonge Akademie12 December 2016
Religion in the landscape of fragmentation25 November 2016
University of Groningen Religious Studies and Theology both Top Degree Programmes16 November 2016
Nine top degree programmes, best traditional, general university15 November 2016
Religion and Media: facts en prejudices15 November 2016
University of Groningen to launch new Religious Studies Programmes08 November 2016
Autumn edition Broerstraat 519 October 2016
Religious Studies in Groningen number one according to Elsevier29 September 2016
Anja Visser new Associate Professor of Spiritual Care22 September 2016
Dennis Vanden Auweele appointed Assistant Professor of Philosophy of Religion ‘16 September 2016
University of Groningen appoints Andrew Irving Assistant Professor in Religion and Heritage13 September 2016
Mathilde van Dijk Lecturer of the Year at the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies07 September 2016
Femke Stock wins Mallinckrodt prize 201505 September 2016
‘Help to provide adequate information about Muslims’30 August 2016
Young Academy Groningen van start04 July 2016
Talented students and researchers in the limelight at University of Groningen Summer Ceremony01 July 2016
Discover the unknown during the Night of Art & Science25 May 2016
University of Groningen shines again in international student survey20 April 2016
Making Place through Ritual15 April 2016
Broerstraat 5 over macht en onmacht van de EU, het belang van energierecht en verstoring van de darmflora door maagzuurremmers30 March 2016
KHMW benoemt zes RUG-hoogleraren als nieuw lid15 March 2016
Cultural encounters of the sexular kind11 March 2016
Religion and Conflict: are religion and conflict closely related?08 March 2016
Nine 'top programmes', thirteen first places in Higher Education Guide Masters02 March 2016
Research Master's programme Theology & Religious Studies 'top programme'02 March 2016
Florentino García Martínez Research Master Scholarship now open for applications05 February 2016
Half a million euro NWO/FWO grant for Dead Sea Scrolls research02 February 2016
Niels Taatgen elected Lecturer of the Year28 January 2016
Website Kerken in Beeld geheel vernieuwd26 January 2016
Fardo Eringa wins Popular Music Thesis Prize13 January 2016
Hubbelingprijs voor Caroline Oosterkamp05 January 2016
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