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International Relations and International Organization

Research International Relations and International Organization

Research conducted within the Department of International Relations and International Organization takes mostly place within the context of one of the four other specializations: Global Governance, International Security, European Integration and International Political Economy. We kindly direct you to those sites to get an impression of the research activities of the Department. In addition, you are invited to click on the link below to access an article published by staff of the Department.

  • Testimonial van Rishi Raithatha

    Internship at the Centre for European Security Studies Groningen (CESS)

    The experience of doing a placement demonstrated my ability to adapt to different demands and environments, and produce quality output even when under pressure. In addition to this, I was able to learn more about the intellectual element of CESS itself – namely Security Sector Reform (SSR)..

    By also being able to visit these countries, I was further inundated with some of the security challenges faced by the surrounding regions and what measures were being taken to alleviate the issues. The internship allowed me to explore a different strand of an area of familiarity (Burundi), ultimately assisting my thesis-writing process. On a side note, during the internship itself, a letter I submitted to The Economist (on what constituted a “state”, whilst mentioning Burundi) was published on their website and in that week’s print edition.

    Without a doubt, I enjoyed traveling abroad to two different countries and representing CESS at two High-Level events. It gave me an unparalleled insight into the lifestyle of a “high-flyer”, proven by my having to work on the train to Schiphol and even on the aircraft itself! But aside from the trips, I enjoyed working as part of an accepted member of a close-knit group of people. This allowed me to contribute constructively to the teams ideas and objectives. Read more

    – Rishi Raithatha
  • Testimonial van Student Laura Wieseman

    I like the focus on preparing students for the labour market

    Hi future Master students! My name is Laura Wieseman (23) and in September 2013 I started the Master International Relations: track International Relations and International Organization (IRIO), and I chose to focus on Middle and Eastern Europe. This Master's track has given me the opportunity to concentrate on a very dynamic and interesting region of Europe. What I like the most is its small scale, the personal contact between students and lecturers, and the focus on preparing students for the labour market.

    – Student Laura Wieseman
  • Testimonial van Gloria Dede

    Junior Policy Officer at the Dutch House of Representatives

    I work as a junior policy officer for the Dutch Labour Party (PvdA) in the House of Representatives of the Netherlands. I support different MPs in the areas of development aid and foreign affairs. I like the fact that I work on current issues that you hear in the news and get to meet interesting people with various different jobs. I also like the fact that development aid is the main focus of my work, as it was during my studies.

    I chose the Master’s track in International Relations and International Organization because it offered a good combination of international relations and politics, as well as paying plenty of attention to development aid, which I am very interested in. Furthermore, the programme covers very diverse topics, and it is very useful to be able to learn another language alongside English. 

    During the track I learned most from my placement, which taught me how to put the theory into practice. I also learned practical skills like writing reports, which I still use in my current job. 

    I hope to continue working in development aid, maybe at a non-governmental organization. I also hope to work abroad for a while.

    – Gloria Dede
  • Testimonial van Quirien van Straelen

    Placement at the United Nations Development Programme in Sierra Leone

    I choose to do an internship in support of the Transition Support Team (TST) of the United Nations Development Programme in Sierra Leone. My task was to support the TST in the daily management of the Transition Initiative Fund (TIF). The main objective of the Transition Initiative Fund (TIF) is to support the implementation of the Local Government Act (2004) and in particular build the capacity of the Local Councils to deliver their broad mandate of decentralized service delivery.

    – Quirien van Straelen
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