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Arts Culture and Media BA or MA (in English)


BA-Programme in Arts, Culture, and Media

The Arts, Culture, and Media programme is designed for Dutch and international students who want to study the arts from a rich variety of complementary perspectives.

Our innovative, three-year English-language BA-programme focuses on the prominent role of the arts as dynamic and interactive cultural processes, requiring a multidisciplinary theoretical approach.

In order to develop such a multidisciplinary focus, you combine two art disciplines (first art discipline: Film, Music, or Theatre; second art discipline: Film, Music, Theatre, Literature, or Fine Arts), and a specialization framework: Analysis and Criticism, or Policy and Marketing. You also acquire a fundamental understanding of the most relevant perspectives and methodologies for studying the arts as mediated processes, including arts philosophy, arts cognition, media theory, aesthetics, and arts sociology. In the different courses we deal with themes such as arts legitimization, globalization, economization, digitalization, and intertextuality – important issues from which to situate current patterns of creativity, organization, distribution, and evaluation.

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Master’s track Arts, Culture and Media

We offer four master’s specializations in the field of Arts, Culture and Media:

  • Film and Contemporary Audiovisual Media
  • Music, Theatre and Performance Studies
  • Arts Policy, and Cultural Entrepreneurship
  • Arts, Cognition and Criticism

These specializations allow you to deal in depth with the most relevant issues relating to contemporary arts. In a one-year specialization students examine either film, music, or theatre/performance in their cultural, social, and aesthetic contexts. Depending on the specialization chosen, you gain insight into specific aspects of contemporary arts worlds, works of art, the arts experience, or arts education. You learn to research artistic expressions with an enhanced view of how arts phenomena convey and negotiate cultural values, and how they contribute to cultural change. You may also explore how the arts relate to economic and technological developments in an increasingly digitally mediated global world.

You complete the programme with an internship and your thesis. The four specializations lead to a Master's degree in Arts and Culture. Starting September 2018 these specializations will be offered as separate tracks.

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