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Welcome to European Languages and Cultures

Welcome to the Department of European Languages and Cultures at the University of Groningen. We are a truly unique interdisciplinary team, engaging with multiple dimensions of the study of Europe. Our core BA programme (BA in European Languages and Cultures) is tailored to students who want to gain a deep understanding of European cultures, literatures, linguistics, politics, and society, while also becoming highly proficient in one or more of our eight offered languages: Dutch as a second language, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, or Swedish. Our students can choose between English and Dutch as the main language of instruction in seminars and can focus on Culture & Literature, Language & Society, or Politics & Society as their main profile.

Our staff and students engage with contemporary questions in their historical and social context such as: Is there a shared European identity? How do languages and cultures shape our perspective of the world? How does literature influence our understanding of daily life and the decisions that we make? How does the European Union work and what does it mean to its citizens?

By acquiring advanced interdisciplinary and interpersonal skills to cope with complex European societies and cultural traditions in an increasingly uncertain world, this programme prepares our graduates for a wide range of career opportunities in research, public administration, education, journalism, politics, international organisations, or international business. Many of our students go on to complete one of the prestigious Master’s programmes offered at the University of Groningen or at other institutions around the world.

Our diverse community of students and professors provides a unique international learning experience. We are driven by the urge to make a difference in the world. As part of one of the most vibrant and prestigious universities in Europe, our department offers an ideal environment for studying European languages, cultures, literatures, and politics, both within and beyond the European Union.


Oude Kijk in 't Jatstraat 26
9712 EK Groningen
P.O. Box 716
9700 AS Groningen

tel.+31 (0)50 363 5850
fax.+31 (0)50 363 5821

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