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Internationale Betrekkingen en Internationale Organisatie

drs. B.L. AardemaDocent Humanitarian Action, Development, NGOs, transition/exit-strategies, Non-Western Politics & International Relations
C. Afek-Eitam, MA
dr. S.A. AltUniversitair DocentInternational political theory, biopolitics, continental political theory, critical perspectives on development, critical perspectives on environmental politicsInternationale Betrekkingen
A. Arian, MAPhD studentInternational Relations Theory, History of International Relations, Global Connected Histories, Historical Epistemology, Modes of Reasoning, Early Modern Global Encounters, Entanglements, Identity-Alterity, Critical Historiography, Postcolonialism.
drs. E. AykaçOnderzoeker / Docent Internationale BetrekkingenTurkije, Turks buitenlands beleid, discoursanalyse, EU-Turkije relaties, de Koerdische kwestiePoliticologie
Internationale Betrekkingen
P. Bargués-Pedreny
A. Bayramov, MAPhD Student/Lecturer International Relations Caspian Sea,  Energy Geopolitics, Infrastructure Politics, Security and Cooperation,  Internationale Betrekkingen
N.A. Beekman, MPhD student
F. Belafatti, MScPhD student
prof. drs. M.J. van den Berg
M. Blaak, MSc
dr. P. Boele Van HensbroekResearch coördinator (GSG), Universitair Docent (Wijsbegeerte) Afrikaanse filosofie, Niet-westers politiek denken Filosofie
K.L. de Bruijne, MAPhD student Civil Conflict, Conflict Dynamics, Civil War Termination,  International Relations Theory
E.M. Cezne, MSc Political geographies of infrastructure; role of rising powers in global governance; peace operations; South-South cooperation. Internationale Betrekkingen
M. Choi, PhDPhD student
dr. J. Costa LópezHistory of International Political Thought, History of International Relations, Medieval Canon and Roman Law. Internationale Betrekkingen
dr. N. de DeugdUniversitair DocentPolitical and economic transformation in Central and Eastern Europe; European Union enlargement; European Neighbourhood Policy and Eastern Partnership; Ukraine; Russian FederationInternationale Betrekkingen
dr. M.R. DoortmontUniversitair hoofddocent Internationale Betrekkingen en Afrikastudies Afrikastudies, internationale betrekkingen en ontwikkelingsproblematiek, cultureel erfgoed en ontwikkeling, niet-westerse geschiedenis; geschiedenis van de Europese expansie, geschiedenis van Nederlands buitenlands beleid (koloniale politiek), geschiedenis van internationale betrekkingen Geschiedenis
Internationale Betrekkingen
C. DuanPhD studentAziëstudies
dr. A. Duursma
drs. E.M. FeringaCoördinator BA & MA Honours programma/Letteren
A.A. FlamindPhD student
L. Franza, MAPhD student
ir. K. Friis, MScPhD studentSecurity, defence, interventions, NATO, cyberInternationale Betrekkingen
dr. G.W. FullerInternational Financial Markets, International Political Economy, Comparative Politics, International Economics, European Political Economy, EU Macroeconomic GovernanceInternationale Betrekkingen
F. Gaenssmantel, PhDÀssistant ProfessorInternationale Betrekkingen
F. GiumelliAssistant ProfessorInternational sanctions, EU Foreign Policy, International OrganizationsInternationale Betrekkingen
T. Greiff, MAPhD student
B.A. GruberPhD studentCritical Security Studies, Resilience, Peace ProcessesInternationale Betrekkingen
dr. X. Guillaumesocial, political and normative theory of the international / international relations theory / critical approaches to security / citizenship / historical international relations / everyday / resistance  / postcolonial studiesInternationale Betrekkingen
prof. dr. mr. T.H.F. HalbertsmaBijzonder hoogleraarEast Asian Studies, with a focus on modern day MongoliaAziëstudies
dr. A.G. HarryvanUniversitair docent Europese samenwerking en integratie;  Nederlands buitenlands beleid Internationale Betrekkingen
prof. dr. J. van der HarstHoogleraar Europese Integratie; Afdelingsvoorzitter IBIO (sinds januari 2012) Geschiedenis en Theorie van Europese samenwerking en integratie; Nederlands buitenlands beleid; China-EU-betrekkingen Internationale Betrekkingen
dr. B.A. HerborthAssistant ProfessorSocial and political theories of international relations, critical theory and international relations, world society studies, security studies, politics of global orderInternationale Betrekkingen
prof. dr. J. HermanProfessor in Globalisation Studies and Humanitarian Action Humanitarian Action, Globalisation and Humanitarianism, International Humanitarian Law, Human Rights Law, Minority Rights Law; European Higher Education Area Internationale Betrekkingen
drs. E.M. Herman-PletiouginaNOHA Master programme manager, coordinator Groningen Home studentsStudy councellor Humanitarian Actions, liaison officer Humanitarian Organisations, Expertise on Eastern European and Russian Higher education areaInternationale Betrekkingen
prof. dr. H.W. HoenHoogleraar Internationale Politieke Economie Politieke economie van Europese integratie, uitbreiding van de Europese Unie en transitieprocessen in Midden- en Oost-Europa Internationale Betrekkingen
Economie (Algemeen)
prof. dr. R.L. HolzhackerProfessor Professor of Multilevel Governance and Regional Structure
dr. J. HönkeAssociate Professor + Rosalind Franklin Fellow in International Relations
# Governance beyond the state and new political geographies # non-traditional security and policing, esp. business/resources/infrastructure security # Global South in world politics, South-South relations, esp. peace/security/development interventions and Subsahara Africa # contentious politics and resistance # international political sociology, postcolonial, ethnographic approaches to IR #

Jana Hönke's research is concerned with how 'local' and transnational security practices are co-produced and contested, and to what effect. How does that challenge, and help to rethink, International Relations? Her current work examines how authority and political geographies transform by studying the contested security arrangements related to multinational companies and transport infrastructures in contexts of fragility. Another project revolves around the global making of policing. She has also done research on counterterrorism, state building and development interventions. Theoretically she is interested in how knowledge and everyday practices travel and shape how security is governed, for whom and to what effect, across borders. While doing multi-sited fieldwork, much of her work is linked to Sub-Saharan Africa with research conducted in South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Tanzania and Guinea.
Internationale Betrekkingen
Sociale Wetenschappen, Interdisciplinaire
dr. C.H. HorstmeierdocentCommunisme; ideologie in de internationale betrekkingen; DDR; Duitsland; DenemarkenInternationale Betrekkingen
dr. C. HumrichUDInternational Relations Theory, International Political Theory, Normative IR Theory, Critical Theory, Arctic Security, Arctic International Relations and Governance.Internationale Betrekkingen
B. Jiang, MA
J.C. Jones, LLMDocent, Promovendus Transitional Justice, Internationaal Strafrecht en Naoorlogse Wederopbouw
dr. ir. M.R. KammingaUniversitair Docent (UD1) ethiek en wereldpolitiek (mondiale politieke economie), theorie van de internationale betrekkingen Internationale Betrekkingen
S.G. Katz-Lavigne, MScPhD student
F.F. Kiesow Cortez, MA
drs. J.J. KoningRelations Management & FundraisingRelatie Management en Fondsenwerving
P.N.L. Kusumawati, MScPhD student
K. Kuswanto, MAPhD student
S. Lee
prof. dr. L.E. Lobo-GuerreroHoogleraar Geschiedenis en Theorie van Internationale Betrekkingen- The Politics of Global Connectivities - Geopolitics and Connectivity - Maps and Power - Epistemologies of order, power and governance - the Politics of Uncertainty - Insurance and liberal governanceInternationale Betrekkingen
Y. Marusyk, MAPromovendus Energy Security, Energy Transition, Critical Geopolitics, Sustainability, Global Energy Governance, International Conflict Management. Internationale Betrekkingen
dr. J.F. Meijeruniversitair docent / senior onderzoeker Als historicus ben ik gespecialiseerd in (post) koloniale betrekkingen tussen Nederland en Indonesië. Als docent hou ik me op het terrein van de geschiedenis van de Internationale Betrekkingen vooral met Azië bezig, in het bijzonder het Verre Oosten/China. Geschiedenis
Internationale Betrekkingen
dr. S. MetinsoyPolitical Economy, IMF Programmes, Labour Markets, Politics of Collective MobilisationsInternationale Betrekkingen
prof. dr. O.J. Moore
Z. MurzakulovaPhD student
dr. M. NeumanAssistant ProfessorEuropean Integration, EU foreign policy, Central and Eastern European countriesInternationale Betrekkingen
dr. S. Neuman-Stanivukovic My research is positioned within the emerging field of Critical European Studies. I am interested in questions of Europeanization, citizenship, and (dis)integration and focus on South-East and East-Central Europe. Internationale Betrekkingen
P.M. Olbrich, MAPromovendusTechnology and International Security; Security Governance; New Materialist Approaches; Satellite Observation; North KoreaInternationale Betrekkingen
prof. dr. P.S.A. Palladino
S.W. ParramoreDocentLand governance after conflict and collectivism; Institutional Analysis and Development (IAD); Europeanization; state-building; Southeast Europe; Bosnia-Herzegovina; KosovoOntwikkelings- en Transitie-economie
Internationale Betrekkingen
R.A. Reiffers, MA
dr. G.C. van RoozendaalAssociate Professor. Previously: Assistant Professor, Programme Director graduate studies of the Master International Relations, Secretary Board IRIO, Member Board IRIO, Chair Programme Committee internationale betrekkingen - internationale politieke economie - sociale aspecten van handelsbeleid - regionalisering - legitimiteitsvraagstukken - Caribisch gebied - institutionele ontwikkeling - politieke verandering Internationale Betrekkingen
Sociale Wetenschappen, Interdisciplinaire
dr. C.M. RyanAssistant ProfessorFeminist and postcolonial security studies, West Africa, Women Peace and Security Agenda, Palestine
M. Scholten, MADocent- Het Internationaal Strafhof & het Statuut van Rome
- Statistiek en andere "Big Data" toepassingen in Internationale Betrekkingen
- Onderzoeksmethodiek in Internationale Betrekkingen
- Intra-institutionele politiek
Internationale Betrekkingen
E. Schweiger, PhDPhD studentInternational Law, International Relations TheoryInternationale Betrekkingen
M.A. SezalPhD studentCritical Security Studies, International Relations Theories, Political Philosophy
N.M.N. Shah, LLMPhD student
dr. D.U. ShimUniversitair docentTheories of International Relations, Visual Studies, Political Geography/Critical Geopolitics, Theories of Discourse, East Asian StudiesInternationale Betrekkingen
Film, Radio en Televisie
I. Smid, MSc
mr. dr. H.M. SprikDocentInternationale Betrekkingen
dr. J.A.A. SwartUniversitair hoofddocent Wetenschap en SamenlevingEthische en sociale aspecten van het grensgebied van de natuurwetenschappen (in het bijzonder van de levens- en milieuwetenschappen) en de samenleving.Biologie
E. Tatli, MPhD student
dr. N.M.T. VoelknerAssistant Professor in International RelationsCritical Global Health, Critical Security Studies, International TheoryInternationale Betrekkingen
mr. dr. H.H. VoogsgeerdUniversitair Docent Europees sociaal en economisch recht, de vier vrijheden van de interne markt, sociale en economische samenhang in de EU, internationale politieke economie van de EU en Japan Internationale Betrekkingen
Industriële relaties & Arbeid
Y. Wang, MA
mr. drs. M. Westra Internationale Betrekkingen, Internationaal en Europees Recht, mensenrechten, internationaal humanitair recht, gender politiek, gender (gebaseerd) geweld in (post)conflictsituaties, Humanitarianism, Nederlands buitenlands beleid, coaching, innovatie van lesmethoden. 
prof. mr. dr. J. Wiers, PhDbijzonder hoogleraar beleidsontwikkeling van de Nederlandse buitenlandse betrekkingenEuropese integratie, klimaat en energie, handelspolitiek, strategie en foresight, Europees recht, WTO rechtInternationale Betrekkingen
Sociale Wetenschappen, Interdisciplinaire
A.P. WiharaniPhD student
N. Wijayati, MScPhD student
prof. dr. J.H. de WildeHoogleraar Internationale Betrekkingen en Veiligheidsstudies IR Theory, Security Studies, European Studies, Global Governance, Energy & Geopolitics Internationale Betrekkingen
S. Wittendorp, MAPhD student Critical Security Studies; Securitization theory; (Counter-)Terrorism Internationale Betrekkingen
dr. T.S. WittigAssistant Professor of Globalisation Studies and Humanitarian ActionWildlife Trafficking; Illicit Trade; Terrorist Finance; Illicit Finance and Money Laundering; Conflict Economies; African Studies (esp. Somalia, East Africa, and the Indian Ocean region)Internationale Betrekkingen
Biodiversiteit Natuurbescherming
Strafrecht & Criminologie
Q. XuPhD student Law of the Sea, Public International Law, International Relations, South China Sea Rechtsgeleerdheid
Internationale Betrekkingen
prof. dr. J.J.M. Zeelenhoogleraar/universitair hoofddocentSociale Wetenschappen, Interdisciplinaire
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