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Information for first-year IRIO students

15 April 2018 - 15 August 2018

Results selection procedure
On 15 April 2018 all candidates who succesfully completed the 4-step IRIO Application procedure will receive the result of the selection procedure in the form of a number in the ranking (1 and up) via Studielink. Candidates who receive a number in the range 1- 260 will be offered a place in the Bachelor's Degree programme IRIO. Placing takes place between 15 April until 31 August.

Accept your place within two weeks
If you do not accept or reject your place, your place offered to the next student in the ranking. Based on our experience in previous years, all candidates with a position up to 350 still have a realistic chance of being offered a place later on.

If you were offered and have accepted a place in the programme, please check this page regularly for more information on the start of the programme.

Introduction Day

The introduction day for the IRIO programme will be on Friday 31 August 2 018. More information will be published here soon.

Introduction camp Study Association Clio (not obligatory, but fun!)

Clio is the official study association of International Relations and International Organization at the University of Groningen. Clio offers both study related assistance and organises extracurricular activities (both leisure and study related). Members of Clio get discounts on textbooks (see below) and organised events. Also, Clio is a great way to meet your fellow IRIO students outside of the lecture hall. And on top of that, it is possible to become a member of one (or several) of their committees. Or you can apply for a position on the board! Doing this will give you an insight in managing a study association, such as organising lectures or career events.

Clio organizes an Introduction Camp for first-year students. More information will be published on their freshmen website:

Practical information

International Students: We expect you to participate in the Welcoming Ceremony for international students organised by the University on Thursday 30 August 2018. A lot of information will be given, for example: how to open a bank account, applying for a residence permit, health insurance, accommodation/housing, registration at city hall, etc. You can already find out more information about these important matters here.

Dutch Students: Practical information about studying and living in Groningen (such as housing) is available here.

Ordering books

You can find the required literature for your first year courses in the Online Course Catalogue (Ocasys), from June 2018 (please select year 2018-2019!) You can buy these books at the better assorted bookstore, or you can order them with a discount when you sign up as a member of Clio, the Study Association of International Relations & International Organization. For details on ordering books and becoming a member, please check their freshmen website:

Get started at the University

Before you start in the programme it is important to check all these ‘to do’ points and read the information to be fully prepared:

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