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Master's Track


Comprehensive and Challenging- Entirely taught in English by internationally-renowned faculty, the one-year interdisciplinary Master’s track offers engaging research seminars to examine a wide range of theoretical, historical, social-political, and cultural approaches to the Americas.

Research-Focused and Flexible - Based on a student's academic and professional interests, he or she selects a specialization among the Cultural-historical, Socio-political, or Media program tracks. The track culminates in a Master’s Dissertation where students explore a relevant American Studies topic of their choice.

Practical and Cross-Cultural - Students can further enhance their academic experience by studying abroad or interning in North or South America. Upon graduation, their subject-matter expertise coupled with their research and highly proficient English skills will set them apart in their future careers.

Program Curriculum

In the one-year American Studies Master's track, students select one of three specializations:

  • A: Cultural-Historical specialization with an emphasis on Early America and its transatlantic relations;
  • B: Media specialization with an emphasis on popular culture, journalism, literature, film, music and other media; or
  • C: Socio-Political specialization with an emphasis on hemispheric American and international relations.

Additionally, during the second semester of the graduate program, as availability permits, students may have an opportunity to pursue a cross-cultural experience by either doing an internship in the U.S. or studying abroad for a semester at one of our exchange partner universities in North or South America.

The program culminates in a Master's Dissertation focused on a topic within American Studies in relation to its cultural, historical, political, legal, or literary contexts.

Student Testimonials

Mabel Wale
Mabel Wale

“After completing my Bachelor’s degree in Social and Political Sciences at The University of Cambridge, I was interested in continuing with my studies; however, the astronomical fees charged by UK universities meant that it was not a practical option to do so at home. The significantly lower rates of tuition in The Netherlands, combined with The University of Groningen’s strong international reputation and welcoming attitude to foreign students made studying here a very appealing option. I chose American Studies because it allowed me to work once again in an interdisciplinary environment – something which I really valued during my undergraduate degree, while focusing on America - the most fascinating, diverse and exciting place in the world. I had high expectations of the course when I began, but it has managed to far exceed them. The topics are fascinating, the teaching first-class, and the seminar format challenging yet exciting. The faculty staff really make an effort to get to know all of the Master’s students individually, take a keen interest in their progress, and go out of their way to provide them with all the help they could need. It’s this that really makes the American Studies Master’s program in Groningen so exceptional.” – Mabel Wale

Coen Nij Bijvank
Coen Nij Bijvank

"My decision to choose American Studies for my Master's degree was not an easy one.  I am pursuing a journalistic career, and for a few months I considered applying for a Master's in Journalism. In the end, I realized that my Bachelor in American Studies had already provided me with strong skills of critical thinking about theory and American society, and I assumed that continuing this way of studying could set me apart from the thousands of students with a degree in journalism. Now that I am actually working in American society during my internship at RTL in New York City, I am truly experiencing the value of the critical perspective towards U.S. society that my background in American Studies provided me." - Coen Nij Bijvank

Lia Verbaas
Lia Verbaas

"After finishing my Bachelor degree in American Studies at the RUG, I didn’t think twice before continuing with the Master program. What the Bachelor program had offered me was a wide range of topics and courses, with many opportunities to pursue my own interests; something I hoped would continue in the Master program, and I was not disappointed, on the contrary. The program offers a selection of courses – from which are you free to choose those that cater to your interests – that are interdisciplinary and therefore address many different aspects of American history, society, and culture. The courses are designed in such a way that they do not overlap with those in the Bachelor program, which meant that I could not only explore new areas of interest, but also examine familiar topics more extensively than I had during my Bachelor degree. The classes are relatively small, with students from many different nationalities and backgrounds, which allows for much in-depth analysis and stimulating discussions. With an international and exceptional faculty staff, who are genuinely interested and involved in their students’ study progress, the Master’s in American Studies is a truly amazing program that has something to offer to anyone who is interested in the United States." – Lia Verbaas

Carien Vugteveen
Carien Vugteveen

“The American Studies program with a Minor in Film and Television allowed me to explore my interest in American popular culture. During my MA, I decided to look for an internship to put into practice what I had learned during my studies and to broaden my horizon. I interned for five months at the marketing, promotions and publicity department of Universal Pictures International Netherlands. UPI NL handles the distribution of cinematic releases of films by Universal Pictures and Paramount in the Netherlands, and during my internship I worked on films such as Super 8, Captain America: The First Avenger, Johnny English Reborn, Puss in Boots, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Dr. Seuss' The Lorax and American Pie: Reunion. I would definitely recommend every American Studies MA student to do an internship because it hugely increases one's employability. At the end of my own internship at Universal Pictures, I was offered a job as a Marketing Assistant. In this capacity, I maintain social network sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Hyves, arrange promotional contests in magazines and websites, do translations, look for promotional partners, and help organize premieres. My workdays are never exactly the same as we work on many different projects and many different films at the same time.” - Carien Vugteveen

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