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A choice of eleven master tracks

A Choice of Eleven Master Tracks

The Psychology Master at the University of Groningen is exceptional because of the broad range of areas it covers.

In a society subjected to large demographic, environmental as well as technological changes, and becoming more and more diverse, profound scientific knowledge of human behaviour is essential to the solution of many practical and fundamental problems. Moreover, the increasing influence of this knowledge in approaching societal challenges also leads to new questions, requiring scientific and ethical reflection.

In the master, related to clinical treatment and research, you can be trained in clinical psychology, clinical neuropsychology, and forensic psychology. Other master tracks also target mental health and healthy aging, but separate from clinical settings. In addition, education, training and talent development, creativity, functioning at the work place, environmentally friendly behaviour, traffic and mobility are central topics of master tracks. Moreover, some tracks offer fundamental studies of the biological, cognitive, and social factors influencing behaviour. All tracks can be combined with a focus on statistical knowledge and skills. In addition, given the increasing impact of scientific psychological knowledge in society, our program offers a unique master track on reflecting on psychology.

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