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About us Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences Psychology Education Master MSc Psychology: application, admission & selection

Selection procedure

This page does not apply to students wishing to do a premaster

Most master's tracks have more admissible students than available places. This means that for these tracks you will have to participate in the selection procedure by means of a selection test. After the selection procedure you may be placed in the master track of your choice or on the waiting list. A few tracks do not require a selection procedure and allow you to be placed immediately. See below for more information.

Please note
All of the following information applies to enrolment in the master in either February 2024 or September 2024. Minor changes for these rounds cannot be ruled out, so always consult the current information on this website. Potential significant changes for later entries will be announced well in advance.

Master tracks: selection and application deadline

Master tracks with selection procedure

Master tracks without selection procedure

Klinische Psychologie
Klinische Neuropsychologie
Clinical Neuropsychology 
Environmental Psychology*
Talent Development and Creativity*
Clinical Forensic Psychology & victimology*

Applied Cognitive Neuroscience
Theory and History of Psychology
Work, Organizational and Personnel Psychology
Applied Social Psychology*

Deadline application - February 2024

1 October 2023

15 November 2023**

Deadline application - September 2024

1 March 2024

1 May 2024**

* These tracks only start in September 2024
** Note for non - EU/EER students
We strongly advise you to apply well before this deadline (more than 1 month) to allow enough time for visa arrangements or visa renewal.

If you're applying for a selective track (with a 1 March deadline), it's good to know you have the option to apply (simultaneously or later until 1 May) for a possible second non-selective track.

Selection test

The selection test is a general test on your knowledge of all topics that can be expected to be treated in general Bachelor of Psychology programmes. The selection test consists of 60 questions, lasts 90 minutes and will be administered in English. More information, the domains on which you will be tested and practice questions, can be found under 'Practice Test'.

The selection test will take place on-site in Groningen. Only students who are completing (or have completed) a bachelor's degree outside the EEA and currently reside outside the EEA* are eligbile for an online selection test conducted under online supervision.
Alternatively, if you (temporarily) live outside the EEA due to study-related activities (relevant to your current bachelor or intended master), you may also be eligible for the online test. In both cases, please contact the admission board.

The prerequisite for taking the selection test is that you have specified your motivation for the track(s) of your choice in the appropriate application form and that it is sufficiently serious.

* Excluding the United Kingdom and Switzerland, students from these countries must also take the selection test on-site.

Selection Test

Start February 2024

Start September 2024


18 November 2023
13.30 - 15.00 CET

20 April 2024
afternoon, 13.30 - 15.00


Aletta Jacobs hal
Blauwborgje 4

Aletta Jacobs hal
Blauwborgje 4

Practice test

We would like to give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the content and the way the test is administered. Examples of test questions can be found in Selection test - practice questions. In due course a practice test will be made available so that you can also become familiar with the way the test is administered.

Placement Procedure

For each track, partly on the basis of the selection test results, a placement list will be made of all students who chose the track as their first choice, supplemented with those who chose the track as their second choice. Because of the limited validity of the test, a High/Low categorization is used rather than a ranking based on the exact scores. Specifically, on the basis of their test performance, students will be categorized as scoring High or Low in such a way that a large majority of the students falls in category High. Next, for each track, the students in category High are ordered by means of a simple lottery and put on the placement list. Likewise the students in category Low are ordered on the basis of a lottery, and they are put on the placement list in that order, after the students in category High. 

This is first done for students having the track as first choice, and after that for those having the track as second choice (on the placement list below those having the track as first choice). In this way, students get a rank number on the placement list(s) for the track(s) of their choice. For each track, students with a rank number up to the maximal number of available places will be offered a place in the track; the others will be placed on the waiting list, in the order of their position on the placement list, and will sequentially be placed in the track as long as places are vacated.

Please note

  • Once placed, you cannot switch to other tracks before or during the start of the program.Therefore; carefully make your choice of the preferred master track. 

  • It is also good to be aware that switching to another track during the master is not allowed. Even discontinuing your track and then applying for a different track is strongly disadvised, because even if you just started with your thesis, internship or skills course, you are not allowed to take these again in the new track. This means you would not be able to graduate in that track.

  • Students who have not been placed can try again in the next admission round. Please note that the results obtained in the current selection procedure will no longer be valid in the next selection procedure, so the selection test then will have to be taken again. 

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