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Frequently Asked Questions

on master and pre-master admission and selection

This list of frequently asked questions is composed of actual questions that either indeed have been asked frequently, or we expected to be asked frequently. Most are written in English. The exceptions are for question pertaining specifically to Dutch students.


Q: Where can I find detailed information on the selection procedure?
A: Please read the 'Selection procedure Master Psychology University Groningen'.

Second choice master track

Q: I very much want to be admitted to my first choice, and don't want to diminish my chance to be selected for it. Will specifying a second choice diminish my chances to be selected for the first choice?
A: No, your chances for being selected for the first choice don't depend on whether or not you provide a second choice. If you like to know more about the procedure, read this: We will assess independently whether or not you will be selected for your first choice and for your second choice. For both choices, it holds that, if you will not be selected, you will be put on the waiting list. If it happens that, at some point in time, you have moved up from the waiting list to the point that you are actually selected for your second choice (but still not for your first choice), you can decide to wait and see whether eventually you will also be selected for your first choice. This is possible till half a month before the start of the programme, because by then we expect you to either accept the second choice and give up your place on the waiting list for your first choice, or discard your second choice, and remain on the waiting list for your first choice. We will warn you in time when this situation arises.

Q: (relevant voor studenten met een Nederlandse vooropleiding) Ik heb mij onlangs via Studielink aangemeld voor mijn eerste keus binnen de mastertracks. Nu wil ik mijn aanmelding voltooien door het formulier op de site van de RUG in te vullen. Klopt het dat ik op dit formulier mijn tweede keus voor een mastertrack kan doorgeven en me dan niet voor deze tweede keus hoef aan te melden op Studielink?
A: Ja, dat hoeft inderdaad niet. Als je tot de tweede keus wordt toegelaten moet je je dan pas uitschrijven uit je eerste keus en inschrijven in je tweede keus. Dat zullen we dan aan je melden.


Q: What is the role of motivation in the selection procedure?
A: As described In the selection procedure document on the website, for admission it is required “that the motivation is sufficiently serious. By this we mean that you actually describe why you wish to follow the chosen track(s). We make this request in order to verify that the application is serious, and we think it is important to specify your motivation, because this offers an additional occasion for reflection on your choice(s). Other than this, the contents of your motivation(s) will not be taken into account in the selection process."

Q: In de informatiebrief voor premaster studenten m.b.t. de aanmelding voor de master staat niet aangegeven dat we een motivatiebrief moeten schrijven. Is dat wel nodig?
Nee, dat is niet nodig.


Q: I do not yet satisfy all the requirements. Does this mean I cannot apply for the Master?
A: No, you can apply for the master even if you do not satisfy the requirements yet. However, it is essential for admission to the master that you will satisfy all requirements before the start of the Master.

Q: What if I still have to do 1 or 2 courses to get the mandatory courses, but I am not sure yet which course I will do (because there are more options in the last semester of this year). Which courses should I fill in while applying on the RUG site?
A: You should fill in the planned courses. If these change later on, you inform us about this, and we will take it into account when ultimately deciding on your admission.

Selection test

Q: I have dyslexia. Do I have the same amount of time for the test as other students have?
A: If you can prove by an official document signed by an expert, that you suffer from dyslexia, then you may be eligible for a little bit more testing time. You have to request this, accompanied by a photo of the official signed document, to the selection email address, at least three weeks before the test.

Q: Will I get material to study for the selection test?
A: No, because the test is not about specific study material, but tests your general knowledge on Psychology at Bachelor level. You can however find example questions in the document 'Selection procedure including example questions' (Dutch version / English version).

(Chances of) admission

Q: I would like to know how many students you expect to apply for my track (master or premaster).
A: This is an understandable question, but it is very hard to predict this, because this year is different from last year for various reasons. As we wrote in the website document on the Selection procedure for the master, it seems very likely that there will be fewer places than admissible students for almost all tracks. Especially in the tracks KP, CFP&V, O and EP there are probably clearly fewer places than eligible students. For THP and possibly also for ACN we expect that there will still be enough places.”

Q: Mag je je bij meerdere universiteiten aanmelden voor een master? Zodat, mocht je niet bij Groningen worden aangenomen, je bijvoorbeeld nog ergens anders een master kan volgen.
A: Ja dat mag.

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