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Admission and application per prior education

Non-Psychology bachelor at a Dutch university
Note: The form, content and procedure of the selection for start date September 2022 is unknown at this time. More information will follow as soon as possible.

Admission requirements

  • Bachelor Degree from a Dutch research university (not from a university of applied sciences)
  • Sufficient prior knowledge for Psychology programme and for the particular track of your choice  (track-specific admission requirements);
  • Provide a specified motivation for the track(s) of your choice (in application form);
  • Only for the tracks Klinische Psychologie, Klinische Neuropsychologie en Ontwikkelingspsychologie: Dutch language proficiency at native level (C2). Students with a Dutch language secondary school or Bachelor diploma satisfy this requirement automatically.


The admissions committee will determine whether you are admissible based on your application:

  1. You meet the admission requirements: via the selection procedure
    If there are more admissible students than available places, you will be invited for a selection test. After the selection procedure you may be placed on the waiting list. You can apply for two tracks: your first and your second choice. Please read the description of the selection procedure (including example test questions).
  2. You do not meet all requirements: via the premaster
    For a limited number of students it is possible to follow a premaster package. If you have completed the premaster within two years, you will be admitted to the track. Please read the Premaster section below! Please note that the premaster starts only in September (not in February).
    Also note For students who started the premaster in 2019 or 2020 a different regulation applies, as described in their premaster decision.


Admission requirements for the premaster

  • No more than 60 EC deficiency for prior knowledge of Psychology and the track-specific requirements (otherwise you cannot be admitted)
  • Adequate basic statistical knowledge (at the level of the first year of a Dutch university psychology programme). If necessary, you can update this with an introductory course in statistics at SPO.

Tracks en premaster places

Premaster programmes are offered only for the six tracks below. Each track has a maximum number of premaster places available.

You can sign up for a maximum of two tracks, your first and your second choice. If you are admissible to the premaster, it will be decided by lot whether or not you can be admitted to the premaster of the track of your first choice. If you are not admitted, you will be placed on the waiting list for your first choice and you will also be selected by lot for a place in the track of your second choice (and possibly, if you are not admitted, you will be placed on the waiting list there as well). After some time, places will become available and you will move up on the waiting list and possibly be placed in one of the premaster tracks of your choice.

Tracks Premaster places per track
Applied Cognitive Neuroscience 5
Applied Social Psychology 7
Environmental Psychology 6
Ontwikkelingspsychologie (Dutch) 5
Talent Development and Creativity 7
Theory and History of Psychology 5

Your premaster programme

Once you are assigned a premaster track place, the admission board compiles your programme. After that you will draw up the planning of your programme together with one of our academic advisors.


For an overview of the costs of a premaster's programme, see tuition fees and reimbursements for premaster's programmes.

Dates and deadlines

The application procedure (and deadline) is the same as for the master, but the premaster program only starts in September. You must be enrolled before that date to be able to participate in the premaster programme, even if you only follow courses that take place later in the year.

Continuing to the master track

If you complete the premaster for a certain track within two years, you will be admitted to the track of your choice.
Note For students who started the premaster in 2019 or 2020 a different regulation applies, as described in their premaster decision.


If you expect to get your bachelor degree before the start date of the programme:

*The form Application for admission to (pre)master Psychology is accessible
-from mid August 2021 to 1 October 2021 for admission to programmes starting in February 2022.
-expected from mid-January to March 1, 2022 for admission to programs starting in September 2022.
NOTE The premaster and master track Clinical Psychology and the master track Clinical Forensic Psychology & Victimology start in September only.

Dates and deadlines

Start programme

Apply before

1 February 2022*

1 October 2021

1 September 2022

1 March 2022

*The track Clinical Psychology and the track Clinical Forensic Psychology and Victimology do not start in February.

*Also the premaster will not start in February

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