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Information for new bachelor students

The time has come: you are starting your bachelor at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences! To help you get started, you can find practical information here. This information is meant for students who are admissible (according to the Admissions office if you have an international diploma or the admission board if you have a Dutch diploma) to one of the bachelor programmes of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences.


You have applied for the bachelor 'Human Geography & Urban and Regional Planning' or 'Spatial Planning and Design'. On September 2, 2019 there will be an introduction for all first-year students. On this day you will get to know your classmates, your mentor, the study advisors and the lecturers. You will receive more information about you schedule and other practical information. You will receive an email with information about the introduction and the start of your study from the study advisors.

The University of Groningen organizes a welcoming ceremony for all international students. This ceremony will take place on Thursday, August 29, 2019.

Learning Communities

The 'Learning Communities' are part of the first year of the bachelors at the faculty of Spatial Sciences. When you finish your first year Human Geography & Regional and Urban Planning or Spatial Planning and Design, you should have a good idea of what you learned and why you learned this. This will help you to make important choices during your study, such as choosing electives and choosing a master programme. How is everything connected in the bachelor programme? How do you us this knowledge in your further studies and in the labour market? A lot of students don't have the answers to these questions. That is why the Faculty of Spatial Sciences has founded the 'Learning Communities'. Read more about the Learning Communities

Registering for courses

You have to enroll for your courses every semester. You are automatically enrolled for your exams. You can view the registration periods for courses on the Student Portal. See the tutorial below for a guide how to enroll for your courses.

Tutorials ICT systems

In the practical links below you go to different systems and webpages for all your study information. If you are new this can be quite confusing. Please check these tutorials for the steps you have to take to follow courses and stay up to date before and during your study.

Study information

Services of the Faculty and the University

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