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Student Service Centre

Welcome to the Student Service Centre: the centre of expertise in student counselling at the University of Groningen.

UP-TO-DATE INFORMATION REGARDING THE CORONA CRISIS - The SSC-building is closed, but a significant part of our activities is carried out in an alternative manner. These are the main points:

  • Current UG-students may find extensive information about our offer on our internal information portal (login necessary).
  • Booking an appointment with a student counsellor or student psychologist remains possible. Appointments are handled by telephone or hangouts.
  • Live courses/workshops are cancelled. We have adjusted our regular courses/workshops to an online offer (login necessary).
  • The SSC is well accessible by email: in case of questions, please contact us at ssc-info We strive to answer your email as soon as possible.
  • Summer holiday season: The SSC building is closed between July 20 and August 14, due to the summer holidays. However, you may still reach us by e-mail during this period (ssc-info Please understand that it may take some more time than usual to respond to your e-mail. It also remains possible to book an appointment during this period.

The Student Service Centre is the centre of expertise in student counselling at the University of Groningen. Student counsellors, psychologists and trainers work at the SSC to support students with their studies in various areas.

The Student Service Centre offers UG-students support on:

  • Study skills
  • Study delay
  • Psychological problems
  • Studying with a functional impairment
  • Financial matters
  • Legislation and regulation

To continue, please login to our internal information portal

If you are unable to login, you may find a limited description of our organisation and services using the menu.

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