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Career Perspectives Series

Groningen Graduate Schools

Pursuing a PhD degree is a rewarding and exciting experience. You have the opportunity to study a specific research question in depth and become a leading expert in your field of research. But have you considered what you would like to do with your PhD degree?

Taking steps for your future career as a PhD graduate. ©UG
Taking steps for your future career as a PhD graduate. ©UG

Would you like to stay in academia and become a professor or academic researcher? Or would you like to become an entrepreneur and start your own business? Do you prefer to work in government, industry, or in higher education teaching? Employers from all sectors value the talents and skills that PhD graduates have to offer!

The Career Perspectives Series (CPS) is open to all PhD candidates at the University of Groningen. The programme provides training for PhDs in the area of soft-skills development and how to translate these skills to successful careers outside or inside academia:

  • Workshops (a series of career building workshops, see below)
  • Courses (one to three day courses, see below)
  • Career events (Meet & Greet events, bi-annual 3MT Competition, communities)
  • Data Science (see below)
"You cannot climb the career ladder with your hands in your pockets." (Dutch Coaching Calendar)

All courses and workshop are awarded with ECTS credits. Each PhD candidate is expected to complete 30 ECTS (for a 4 year PhD programme), of which a portion can be earned through following CPS courses and workshops. All CPS courses will list how many ECTS credits you will be awarded for each course or workshop series.

Please talk to your Graduate School or PhD Coordinator about payments or reimbursements for courses. For further informatiom you are welcome to contact the Groningen Graduate Schools. PhD scholarship students who cannot cover the costs for a particular course are asked to email to discuss a further reduction in the course costs.

During your PhD studies here in Groningen, we hope that you will take the opportunity to follow the Career Perspectives Series and discover what it is that makes you passionate about research and how you can develop your talents and skills as a researcher towards a successful and fulfilling career after your PhD!


In our CPS Workshops series we offer interactive workshops focused on various PhD careerbuilding topics. Learn how to build up your CV for a non-academic position, learn more about networking for people, or learning to fail and stay happy about it. There are a wide range of workshops to follow on building your future PhD career!

Workshops are held approximately twice per month on a Friday afternoon and will repeat on an annual basis (dependent on demand). Each workshop is followed by networking drinks where you will have the opportunity to talk with speakers, instructors, and PhD alumni and build up your career information portfolio.

Behind each workshop we indicate whether it is aimed at an academic career (IA = Inside Academia), a non-academic career (OA = Outside Academia) or both (both).

Check out our course page as well for more extensive courses!

Note: if you are unable to attend a workshop or course you signed up for after all, please send us an email at phd-cps

Our curriculum - dates will be added as they become available




General Information and Awareness Courses
Grant Writing Series (courses can also be taken separately):
  • Introduction to Teaching - for PhD students who are not (officially) teaching a course but are, for example, involved in the education of Bachelor's and/or Master's students and/or would like to learn more about teaching and mentoring. Thesis supervision is not addressed during this training.
  • Start to Supervise - for (new) PhD students with current or upcoming supervision tasks
  • HBO and VWO school teaching - please contact the teachter education department (lerarenopleiding) of the appropriate faculty. They will compile a tailored training programme with you

Entrepreneurship and starting your own business:

From the CIT Data Science Team

R and Python are becoming essential tools in all academic fields to import, clean visualize and analyse your data. We offer highly interactive and enthusiastic online courses to introduce you to R or Python in 6 morning or 12 evening sessions.

Click the links below for more information and course dates and to register:

For any questions or suggestions about the CPS Programme, please feel free to contact us at the Graduate Schools or send an email to phd-cps

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