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PhD student life


Usva Cultural Student Center is located in the city centre, and aims to encourage students to develop themselves and to inspire them by art and culture. At Usva, you can follow various courses in drama, dance, music, visual arts, fashion, photography, video and literature. Usva also organizes events and you can see all kinds of theatre performances in her theater, including improv comedy and relaxing jazz sessions.

Studium Generale Groningen is the name of a joint organization of the University of Groningen and the Hanze University of Professional Education of Groningen. Both institutes join forces to organize lectures and debating sessions on science, culture and society.

Noorderzon performing arts festival is an annual event occurring every August in the Noorderplantsoen (city park just north of the city center). With over 135,000 visitors it is one of the largest summer festivals in the North.

NB: PhD candidates with student status can get nice discounts on cultural events. For instance, at Spot, international students can visit a selection of theatre and dance performances and famous classical musicians for only €12,50.


The University of Groningen offers extensive sport facilities for students and employees. The Sports Centre at Zernike offers a wide range of individual and group sports.

As a PhD student you can join either the ACLO student sports organization or SPR Sport, the sports association for staff members, depending on your contract with the University:

  • If you are a PhD scholarship student you can join ACLO
  • If you are an employed PhD student you can join SPR

If you are unsure about your contract, your Graduate School can inform you accordingly.

Dutch courses

To help you get the most out of your stay in Groningen the University offers you free Dutch courses in your first year as a PhD student. This will help you get by at the market and in shops and hold your own with Dutch students and colleagues.

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