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Hora Finita

Hora Finita* is the online registration system for PhD students at the University of Groningen. All processes relating to the PhD, from enrolment to thesis submission, are managed by this system. This is in accordance with the PhD regulations of the University.

  • All PhD students are registered in Hora Finita.
  • All parties involved (PhD student, supervisors, Graduate Schools, PhD Office, Dean, etc.) have access to the pages that are relevant to them.
  • All relevant information is processed by Hora Finita during the entire PhD procedure.
  • All personal data, progress, appointments or scholarships, Result & Development interviews, courses followed, etc. are registered in Hora Finita.
  • Hora Finita sends automatic e-mails during the entire PhD process (from invitations to Result & Development interviews to approval of the PhD manuscript).
  • Access to the system can be gained by logging in with a valid staff number (p-number).
  • The UB has a Hora Finita support page to assist with questions and issues related to Hora Finita.
  • For PhD students from the GSMS (Graduate School of Medical Sciences) there is a special Hora Finita registration page.

* 'Hora Finita' ('the hour has ended') are the words spoken by the beadle at the end of a PhD ceremony at the University of Groningen.

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