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Education PhD programmes During your PhD studies Training programme for PhD students

Training Programme for PhD Candidates

The PhD program facilitates skills development for PhD candidates in the following areas:

Research Skills and Training

The primary focus of your PhD in Groningen will be to develop and carry out your own research programme, leading to the submission and defence of your PhD thesis. Every PhD candidate works together with their PhD supervisor(s) and the Faculty Graduate School to develop the content for their thesis and their individual research and training programme. The PhD training programme portion usually amounts to 30 ECTS credits (where 1 credit is 28 hours of study). The content of your training programme is defined within your written Training and Supervision Plan (TSP). More information about your training programme can be discussed with your supervisor(s) and your Faculty Graduate School.

Career Perspectives Series - Transferrable Skills and the Job Market

After you have completed all of your PhD degree requirements, you will continue on in your career as a PhD graduate. This will either be in an academic career or a career outside of the academic research environment. Regardless which career you pursue after your PhD, we offer various courses and workshops within our Career Perspectives Series you can follow during your PhD studies that help to prepare you for your career after your PhD. Additional subject-specific career development and job market training opportunities are also offered by your Faculty Graduate School or the Federation of Graduate Schools in the Social Sciences and Humanities.

PhD Support

Do you feel you need additional support to manage your PhD studies? In addition to research and training, we offer various support services for PhD candidates. These services include mentoring, coaching, and work-life balance support. Please visit the PhD Support website for more information.

Additional Training Opportunities

In addition to the Groningen Graduate Schools, the individual Faculty Graduate Schools and the Federation of Graduate Schools in the Social Sciences and Humanities, there are several other University organisations that offer courses for PhD candidates, including:

  • National Research Schools
  • The Donald Smits Centre for Information Technology (CIT)
  • The University Language Centre
  • HR-Experts
  • Educational Support and Innovation (ESI)
  • GOPHER: The Groningen Organisation for PhD Education and Recreation

Corporate Academy

For a list of all courses offered by the University of Groningen, please visit the Corporate Academy website.

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