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Part 1: Beginners Guide to Grant Writing

Course type:
interactive lecture
1st / 2nd year PhD students
Module information:

Part One of a three-part series on Grant writing for PhD students

If you want to continue in science after your PhD, sooner or later you will likely compete in calls for personal grants and program grants. First-stage personal grants provide you with an opportunity to do research in another country and another research team. To be truly competitive in these calls, you should have a strong CV and a fantastic plan to work on, and have initiated contacts with the professor you would like to work with. All these requirements cannot be met if you start working on them only after handing in your PhD thesis manuscript.

The interactive lecture “Beginner’s guide to grant writing” will deal with the career ladder in academia, what grants are about, what grant agencies are and what they want, what a strong CV for your personal grant entails, and when to start with what. There will be ample time for you to ask those questions you always wanted to ask but just didn’t get to until now.

Instructor: Prof. Ingrid Molema

Beginners Guide to Grant Writing is Part one of a four-part series on Grant writing. The follow-up courses are:

(All courses can be taken separately as well)

Date and time:
  • 28 November 2023, 12:00 - 13:30 h
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Registration fee:
Online, details will be sent to participants
Learning Goals:
  • Obtain a general overview of the ‘what, why, when and how’ of research grants.
  • Learn about the connection between an academic career and being able to obtain research grants.

Keywords: grant, grant agencies, academic career.

Responsible Organisation:
Groningen Graduate Schools,

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