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Part 3a: Rubicon Grant Writing Training (A)

Course type:
Workshop with assignments
5 hours
PhD students who are veryclose to PhD defence or Postdocs who have recently defended their thesis. You have five dedicated parts of your proposal ready before entering the course. Ideally, you have already participated in two more general grant writing workshops before you enter this one (but this is not required).
Module information:

The third course in our three-part series on grant writing for PhD students. All parts can be taken separately as well.

Rubicon Grant Writing Training is a one-day workshop that logically follows the first two grant writing classes:

The Rubicon training targets PhD students and postdocs who aim to submit a Rubicon grant proposal in the upcoming NWO round (or any other grant proposal that is similar to Rubicon and represents your first personal career grant as a PhD) and provides them with information on 4-5 important aspects of the grant proposal: the title, the summary, the host section, the CV section, and the Knowledge Utilisation section. It furthermore informs participants about how the selection of candidates works. There will also be plenty of time to ask questions about issues encountered while writing a first draft of the proposal. Trainers do not provide feedback on individual proposals during the actual course.

Please find detailed instructions on mandatory preparation for this course here and inside the registration form (link below).

Date and time:

19 February 2024, 11:00-16:00

Register here for this course ONLY if you are ready to submit your grant proposal by the next NWO deadline.
Registration fee:

€ 200*

*PhD Scholarship students who cannot cover the costs with their PhD training budget can request a reduction in course costs. Please indicate if this applies to you in the registration form and we will contact you with more information.

Online by means of Kaltura - details will be sent to participants.
1.0 ECTS
Learning Goals:
  • Participants will learn how a grant review process works and how that influences the way a grant proposal needs to be written.
  • Participants will learn how to write a scientific summary for a committee of experts and non-experts – the do’s and don’ts.
  • Participants will become knowledgeable about how content and format of writing a grant proposal are crucial in convincing panel members to judge their grant as fundable.
  • Participants will become knowledgeable about the different parts of their academic CV that are important to obtain a positive judgement by panel members.
  • Participants will learn what elements can contribute to a convincing Knowledge Utilisation paragraph.

Keywords: Grant review process, grant proposal, scientific summary, proposal content and format, Narrative CV, Key Output, Knowledge Utilisation

Responsible Organisation:

Groningen Graduate Schools, Talent Development

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