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PhD supervisors

PhD supervision is an important and complex aspect of the work of an experienced researcher and scholar. You are at the same time content expert, co-researcher, coach, and assessor. As a supervisor, you play a key factor in the success of your PhD candidate.

To support you in this important role, the HR Experts team offers a series of training courses and workshops. Our aim is to expand your knowledge, skills, and experience, and enable you to become a more efficient and effective supervisor.

Training course: Coaching PhD students

Supervising PhD candidates is not a straightforward task. PhD students are on a learning path to become independent researchers, and are expected to do so within a limited period of time. How can you, as their supervisor, best facilitate this process? Through a combination of theoretical insights, practical applications, and mutual exchange of experiences, this comprehensive training course will help you become the best possible supervisor for your PhDs.

This four-day course is offered three times a year and is provided by trainers from our HR Experts team, with the contribution of senior supervisors. Be sure to join and sign up early and mark your calendars!

Workshop: How to select PhD students

Selecting the right person for the PhD position is possibly the most important decision you make as a supervisor. In this short workshop you can gain practical insights on how to best select your PhD student from identification of the specific competencies and knowledge needed, to effective techniques to assess the candidates during the selection process.

Workshop: The importance of the first year, go/no-go

Setting the right expectations and focus in the first year is crucial for the success of a PhD trajectory. This workshop will give you insights into how to set goals and monitor progress in the first year, and how to make the best decision ahead of the go/no-go meeting.

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