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1.3. Aligning Supervision of Interfaculty PhD projects

Interdisciplinary PhD projects present an enormous potential for innovation and academic breakthrough. At the same time, they require a well-thought-out approach to align the methods, perspectives, and academic culture of all the parties involved. For this reason, we are offering a workshop, as part of the PhD/i programme, specifically aimed at UG academic staff who have the task of supervising interfaculty PhD projects.


The aim of this workshop is to prepare supervisors of interfaculty PhD projects for the specific challenges that come with the co-supervision of such projects.

More specifically, during this workshop supervisors will:

  • identify assumptions, hidden biases, and perceptions of their respective field through conversations with colleagues
  • define best practices in interfaculty supervision that may apply to the specifics of the project(s) they are supervising
  • gain access to the academic literature on interdisciplinary supervision
  • analyse their own expectations regarding collaboration in supervision and manage these together with the other co-supervisors, in the interest of the PhD project concerned
  • become aware of the possible challenges the project might pose to the PhD students
  • become part of a community of interfaculty supervisors within the UG.


The workshop comprises a three-hour session during which supervisors from different faculties will meet in a small group of maximum 12 people. In an interactive discussion, led by a trainer, each supervisor will develop the best approach for supervising their own project. Participants will be asked to do some minor preparatory reading and a reflection assignment, which will take an additional three hours approximately.


After this workshop, supervisors will be able to:

  • identify strategies and best practices to optimally co-supervise an interdisciplinary and interfaculty project
  • implement tools and tips to ensure alignment of supervision for this specific type of PhD project
  • implement measures aimed at the progress of the project and the development of PhD students during interfaculty projects
  • become part of a community of interfaculty supervisors within the UG.
More information


Workshop 3
8 October 2024


2pm – 4.30pm


Academy Building


Academic staff who are currently supervising PhD projects or plan to do so in the near future.

Group size

8-12 people



Course fee



Anna Salzano, Prof. Marjo Buitelaar and Dr. Valentina Gallo

More information

Anna Salzano ( a.salzano )

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