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About us Campus Fryslân

Campus Fryslân

Faculty Campus Fryslân
Faculty Campus Fryslân

Campus Fryslân in a nutshell

Studying at University of Groningen/Campus Fryslȃn means studying at an international, interdisciplinary faculty at a top 100 University. Teaching and research are related to real-world challenges and tie in with the motto “Global challenges, local solutions”. The United Nations’ sustainable development goals serve as a source of inspiration. You will be encouraged to tackle issues from a range of perspectives and the multidisciplinary approach will enrich your knowledge and skills. This approach is reflected in our teaching and research activities. Here, the knowledge and skills that we have acquired over the years are routinely challenged with research questions from everyday practice with the aim of having a positive societal impact.

Campus Fryslȃn is built upon three core values which are present in everything we do:

  • Ambition. We strive for the best. You will be encouraged to make use of one’s talents, making diversity a success factor. Through contributing to making the world a better place starting with Fryslân.
  • Community with care. As a community of professional and academic staff and students, we keep an eye out for each other. It is important to care for each other’s traditions and beliefs and act with open minds, without prejudice.
  • Curiosity and inspiration. You are encouraged to ask questions and adopt innovative approaches and methods. We are an organisation that is continuously learning and changing. You will help us to stimulate crossovers between academic fields, university and society.

Degree Programmes at Campus Fryslân

Studying at Campus Fryslân
Studying at Campus Fryslân

Studying at Campus Fryslân

While studying at Campus Fryslȃn you will view issues from various perspectives and you will contribute towards finding and implementing solutions. Do you want to contribute towards the world of tomorrow? Are you looking for a diverse set of people to study with when it comes tackling the various challenges that the world faces? Challenges such as Global Health, Governance & Law in Digital Societies, Sustainability, Data Science and more? Then Campus Fryslȃn sounds like the exact right place for you! Given the interdisciplinary nature of this faculty, one gets a much broader view of the different knowledge areas that are necessary to tackle so many complex problems.

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Andrej Zwitter, Dean of Campus Fryslan

“Fryslân has welcomed the Campus with open arms; and it is my pledge that we will make the eleventh faculty, a faculty of and for Fryslân and provide through education and research a global experience locally. Internationalisation can only work if we remain committed to our local roots. And global challenges can only be tackled if we incorporate local knowledge and foster regional contacts. This is what Campus Fryslân aims to achieve in the coming years!” - Andrej Zwitter, Dean of Campus Fryslan

Sinead Walsh, Ireland, MSc Sustainable Entrepreneurship

“One of the main things I like about this masters programme is that it shows you the depth and breadth that there is to both sustainability and entrepreneurship. I have learned and refined many important skills the main one being learning how to critically think. We are taught to think outside the box and to look at things from a different perspective, taking even the unintended consequences of our sustainable actions into account. Just because things are done in a certain way, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best way to do things” - Sinead Walsh, Ireland, MSc Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Daria Elizarrarás, Mexico, BSc Global Responsibility & Leadership

“During the process of choosing a career path, I remember feeling quite lost and confused. I often tried to make people understand that “it wasn’t like I didn’t want to do anything, I simply wanted to do everything.” This is something I was able to find in my current programme.Today, I am pursuing my Bachelor at the University of Groningen in Global Responsibility & Leadership, where I learn about many different areas concerning global problems, the relations they have and the importance of finding local solutions in order to solve them. I am very happy I am now able to study something that definitely aligns with my beliefs and also motivates me to keep learning new things. Moving from Mexico to the Netherlands was a big change in my life. Facing such a challenge can often seem intimidating, but the sense of belonging that is developed in this international community is worth that effort.” - Daria Elizarrarás, Mexico, BSc Global Responsibility & Leadership

Brook, United Kingdom, BSc Global Responsibility & Leadership

“Attending university is a major step in anyone’s life, and moving overseas to do so is a greater one still. Yet from the moment of expressing interest, the University of Groningen has and continues to make a marked impression through their support, the quality and rigour of the education and the opportunities afforded to students throughout their period of study. Meanwhile, the cities of Groningen and Leeuwarden both have vibrant and active student communities, so you’ll never struggle to find something to do on a weekend. If you’re looking to step outside your boundaries, challenge yourself academically, and set yourself up for the future, then RUG might be the place for you." - Brook, United Kingdom, BSc Global Responsibility & Leadership

Why Campus Fryslȃn?

Studying at the University of Groningen means studying at a university ranked among the top 100 worldwide. Campus Fryslân is the eleventh Faculty of the University of Groningen, located in Leeuwarden, the capital of the province of Friesland. Campus Fryslân is an interdisciplinary faculty that conducts teaching and research of societal importance at a national and international scale.

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