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Faculty of Arts - France, Strasbourg

Datum:11 november 2022
Auteur:Rocco Losasso
France, Strasbourg
France, Strasbourg

I am Rocco Losasso, an Italian citizen and a student of the Erasmus Mundus Master of Arts Euroculture – society, politics and culture in a global context at the university of Groningen. The sui generis nature of this master’s degree offers the opportunity to spend the second semester of the first year in another European university; when time came to make my choice, I decided to go to France to study at the University of Strasbourg. For the reason of a period of international mobility, I received the GUF grant for outstanding Master students.

During my mobility, I had the opportunity to experience French academic life and to approach a different method of teaching and learning. I also decided to take an advanced French course, which gave me the chance to improve my communication skills. Practicing my French also allowed me to connect with local people, as it is not easy in France to find people who speak English well, not least among young people. I also had the chance, between one day of lesson and another, to travel a little bit around France and in particular in the region of Alsace, which represents a showcase of the Franco-German history and it’s a place full of peculiar culture and amazing food and wine!
At the end of the semester, we flew to Krakow to participate in an intensive programme planned by our faculty on the topic of Democratic Backsliding in Europe, where every student presented their research paper at a peer discussion table.
The two photos somewhat summarise the cultural and human encounter I had during these six months.
The first photo displays those who have been my “travelling companions” during these months, from university colleagues to friends to roommates. I have had the opportunity to interact and forge relationships with many people, inside the university and outside. Sharing this experience with them has further enlightened this stay abroad.

decoratieve afbeelding
France Strasbourg

The second photo is a portrait of Strasbourg Cathedral, a symbol of the city and a landmark during my stay. I loved photographing it in its majesty and in the different forms it took during the various hours of the day. I will always carry in my heart the profile of this immense church that I saw every day from my window at home. It is the symbol of a dense history of the Alsace region and reflects a typical trait of the common European identity.