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U.S.A., Cambridge

Research visit - U.S.A., Cambridge

Datum:11 november 2022
Auteur:Annemarie Doze
Research visit – Kiessling lab – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) November 2021 - April 2022Over the past six months, I have grown a lot, both on scientifically and personally.
France, Strasbourg

Faculty of Arts - France, Strasbourg

Datum:11 november 2022
Auteur:Rocco Losasso
I am Rocco Losasso, an Italian citizen and a student of the Erasmus Mundus Master of Arts Euroculture – society, politics and culture in a global context at the university of Groningen.
My workplace at the office.

Editorial Internship - Germany, Cologne

Datum:11 november 2022
Auteur:Tabea Hohensee
In the application phase for my Master’s placement as part of my programme Film and Contemporary Audiovisual Media, I reached out to several companies and institutions in Europe including film festivals and media production companies.

Study exchange - Sweden, Uppsala

Datum:09 september 2022
Auteur:Sofia Antila
I started my study exchange at the University of Uppsala, Sweden, at the start of February 2022 as a part of my Euroculture Master’s degree.
Spain, Bilbao

Semester Abroad at the Universidad de Deusto - Spain, Bilbao

Datum:09 september 2022
Auteur:Eva Wohlhage
My master programme “Euroculture: Society, Politics and Culture in a Global Context” is an Erasmus Mundus Joint Degree.

Master research project - Curaçao

Datum:09 september 2022
Auteur:Annabel Smith-Moorhouse
For my second masters research project I assessed the distribution of coral-associated fauna across the leeuward coast of Curaçao.
Tina van de Veen

Economics master’s at Fudan University – China, Shanghai

Datum:09 september 2022
Auteur:Tina van de Veen
After finishing my master’s degree in Strategic Innovation Management at the RUG, I wanted to extend my studies
Malawi, Mulanje

Coschap Master Geneeskunde - Malawi, Mulanje

Datum:09 september 2022
Auteur:Tamara Borger
Voor een extra coschap in de master geneeskunde ben ik samen met een medestudent afgereisd naar Malawi.
The lake within Umeå, Nydalasjön

Climate change-induced camouflage mismatch - Sweden, Umea

Datum:09 september 2022
Auteur:Pieter Otte
In January 2022 I started as a research intern at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Umeå, Sweden.
The "catwalk" arena

BCN Research Master - Germany, Munich

Datum:09 september 2022
Auteur:Lucas Randt
Searching for a master's thesis project, I was sure I wanted to work on the neurobiology of the visual system.