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Faculty of Economics & Business - Sweden, Lund

Datum:29 oktober 2020
Auteur:Ruud Bossink
Lund, Sweden
Lund, Sweden

After finishing the master program in Finance at the University of Groningen, I got the chance to complete a Double Degree Program with Lund University. By taking several courses over the time span of 6 months, I could get an additional master degree in Finance. There was some overlap with the courses I took in Groningen, but by going to Sweden I could get new insights in quantitative finance.
I learned to use new programs, like MATLAB, which might be helpful in my future career.

Next to the academic value, it was very valuable to be in a completely different atmosphere and culture for half a year. I got to meet new people from all over the world. Together with a friend from Groningen who also followed the Double Degree Program I joined a football team full of Swedish people, allowing me to be introduced to the Swedish culture. I visited Copenhagen several times, since the city of Lund is close to the Danish border.

Lund, Sweden
Lund, Sweden

It was interesting to see how innovation is a very important part of Sweden. For example, in supermarkets your change is given to you by a machine instead of the cashier handing it over to you. I thought these innovations were the reason of the low number of COVID-19 cases in Sweden, but the number of cases rapidly increased later on. It was weird to see that we had a lockdown here in the Netherlands, while some of my friends in Sweden were still going out.

I am thankful to the GUF that they handed me a grant to cover some of my expenses. Sweden is an expensive country, but with the help of the GUF I was able to complete this unforgettable adventure.