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People - the key to sustainability

Green people

We think sustainability is largely about people. The behaviour of people determines our future. As an employer we want to set an example on how to give employees the best work place possible. This is why "people" is an important part of our pathway to sustainability.

Lifelong employability:

In the future, many things concerning the workplace will change. Jobs will change in regards to tasks or jobs might dissappear altogether. Students and employees have to be flexible and have the right tools to go into the future well-prepared. We want our employees to be happy and healthy in their job, and to continue to be so.

This is why the UG puts many efforts towards Lifelong employability. Our goal is that all employees enjoy their work and feel that they can make a difference. And that if their work would stop, that they are able to get a new function without problems. We also initiate many projects regarding work-related stress, vitality and health at work.

Plastic free week

We organized a challenge where over 80 people lived withoit plastic for a week. See here how we did.

Socially responsible procurement:

The UG wants to see sustainability in all possible aspects. Socially responsible procurement is one of the ways for us to do this. In all purchasing trajectories, a list of principles is followed.

Sustainable Humans of Groningen:

In these interview sessions you will meet people from Groningen who take action to make the world a bit more sustainable. With these interviews we want to inspire you and provide you with the tools to take action yourself! Watch the first interview from the series with the founder of Toentje. Do you know an sustainable initiative in Groningen or do you know an inspiring Stadjer who is committed to making Groningen more sustainable? Let us know!

Sustainable Experience City Map:

For our project the “Sustainable Experience” we have mapped all the sustainable initiatives in Groningen. This map gives an overview of the sustainable shops, restaurants, lunchrooms and supermarkets in Groningen. We focus on initiatives and companies that have sustainability on the top of their agenda, that are local or that contribute to sustainability in some other way. They may offer biological and local food or a broad variety of vegetarian and vegan food. The result of this project is a city map with information about sustainable initiatives or companies and information on where you can find them. Take a look at the map (PDF) of all the sustainable shops and restaurants and the map (PDF) for sustainable initiatives in Groningen.

The Green Office plant:

The Green Office Plant was one of the first projects of the Green Office and proved successful. We literally make the work environment greener by offering students and staff members of the University of Groningen with an Office Plant. They adopt the Office Plant for a while and take care of it. There is a waiting list and every now and then the plant moves to a new office. Does your office need some refreshment and oxygen and would you like to take care of one of our Office Plants? Send us an email and we will put you on the waiting list.

Fairtrade food:

In the UG restaurants there are Fairtrade product for sale.

In 2019 there will be a tender for a new coffee supplier for all coffee machines. Green Office will be present and will argue to choose only Fairtrade coffee.

Sustainable behaviour:

In the end, people are the most important factor to create a more sustainable world. That's why we inform and energize our employees and students and motivate them to live a more sustainable life. For this reason we organize campains, lectures and activities. Sustainability Ambassadors help us with this.

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